Martin in Westwood February 2020.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Jan Week 1
Nha Trang

Jan 10-13
Tuy Hoa again

JanWeek 2
Nha Trang

Jan 19
Off to Hanoi

Jan 20

Jan 21

Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 24

Jan 26

Jan 27

Jan 28
Back in Nha Trang

Jan 29
Off to BKK

Jan 30

Jan 31

Feb 1

Feb 2

Feb 3

Feb  4
Leaving Thailand
Back in Norway

Feb 2020

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Ingress comes here

Feb 7th, Zorba restaurant at Sandefjord.

My sisters, Jorunn to the left and Ellen to the right.

Feb 9th,  Martin and Martin went shooting. Here Martin K is cleaing up.

Getting the table back to its place.

Martin T practicing some head shots. See the video.

Martin's reloading press in the living room. The sun is just setting outside.

Martin busy with reloading.

Martin's press is old. From 1992 when he bought it from the USA>

Turning targets that Martin shoots at.

MartinK explaining what has to be done to finish the kitchen corner.

The eerie light of 0545 in the morning, February 17th.

The bus stop at Tønsberg 15 minutes later.

The old telecom building. Behind inside the mountain is our shooting range.

The entrance. Card key.

Inside the first gate, another door with card key access.

In we go. They have movement sensors in the bulbs so the light comes in automatically.

Further inside the mountain which was built by the Germans during WWII. It was a command center.

The last door to get to the shooting range. Here you have a standard key to enter.

The entrance door.

The hallway leading to the living room of the cave.

The living room where people sit and talk shit over a cup of coffee.

The pathway up to the .22Cal range.

Martin is finished shooting. Just to clean up and take the empty shells back to the house for reloading.

Martin's house seen from the bus stop from the other side of the road.

The basement lodger, JAP, has his boats in the garden. Just rubbish. He doesn't use them.

Martin's bedroom from the inside towards the window.

Martin's bedroom with his mascot from Thailand.

Martin's shirt that he will take to Vietnam. It is too many actually.

On ??day February ?th, it was time for

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