Jan 19 - Off to Hanoi.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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Tuy Hoa again

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Jan 19
Off to Hanoi

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We had to leave Nha Trang at 0300 in the morning to get to the airport CXR since we departed 0615.

The taxi driver picked us up at 0245. Nice man named Hung.

Martin having trouble with the banks. Plenty money, but ATMs don't work.

Most unpleasant shit of VietAir attendant. Non-smiling Vietnamese. Very rare.

Phuong at the departure hall.

Off to some crappy busses. Not Nice.

Our plane to Hanoi. Airbus 320, nice plane.


Arrived in Hanoi with a well dressed local. It was cold. Only 15 degree centigrades.

Over the Red River on a brand new bridge, only 5 years old.

A monastery with decorations.

One of the local ladies with a nice jacket.

Typical Vietnamese narrow house. Why? At one point in time, the commie boys thought this was a good idea.

An army vehicle. Real ass in the traffic. Should be fined.

Arrived at the Light Hotel in Hanoi.

Lots of legs.

The room was very nice and the bar well stocked, but pricey.

Phuong loved the big bed, occupying 50% of the room.

She liked it, but didn't show her appreciation.

They have a small pool at top of the hotel. Only some 9 meters. Too short to get any mileage out of.

But it is nice looking and on the 11th floor. Only one more to go.

Picture on the top in front of a mural.

Martin at the top.

The restaurant on the 10th floor looked very inviting.

Off to town, Government building.

At least an ATM that worked after Martin tried 5 others.

Hairy woman with child.

Hairy Phuong with her fur.

Lovely fruit of Vietnam.

Shit restaurant. No Vietnamese beer and very high prices.

Mama's shop. Martin liked her.

Mama cutting up coconut for customers.

Hanoi beer. Too strong for Martin's taste- 4.9% is a little stiff. We left without eating.

Then to a local street joint. Lovely junk food. Very tasty and no chilly.

What kind of citrus fruit is this. Martin hasn't figured it out yeat.

Hanoi by night.

Martin on top of the hotel for a night cap.

Nice mural.

On Monday January 20th, it was time for another day in Hanoi.

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