Feb 3 - Returning to Bangkok.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Jan Week 1
Nha Trang

Jan 10-13
Tuy Hoa again

JanWeek 2
Nha Trang

Jan 19
Off to Hanoi

Jan 20

Jan 21

Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 24

Jan 26

Jan 27

Jan 28
Back in Nha Trang

Jan 29
Off to BKK

Jan 30

Jan 31

Feb 1

Feb 2

Feb 3

Feb  4
Leaving Thailand
Back in Norway

Feb 2020

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Suza picked up Marin and took him to the Miracle Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel.

Suza waiting for Martin to get his print-out.

Siac shits in Jomtien.

Siac's office. Watch the video.

Suza filling up gas.

The peeing capacity in Thailand is enormous. But then the country is full of piss.

Block of flats next to the airport.

Suvanebom airport.

Lovely corridors at the hotel.

Lovely, big clean bed.

Safe with double contacts in the wall.

Martin filming double contacts.

And one next to the bed. The room is extremely well equipped with contacts as it should be.

Bathroom with the standard contacts.

The Airport seen in the distance from 6th floor.

The pool is very nice and only 12 meters. It is acceptable.

There are 3 6th floors in the complex. This is one of them. Martin visited all 3 before finding the right one.

The right 6th floor and entrance to the pool. Very nicely done.  

On Tuesday February 4th, it was time to return to Norway.

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