Jan 10 - 18, last days before going to the North.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Jan Week 1
Nha Trang

Jan 10-13
Tuy Hoa again

JanWeek 2
Nha Trang

Jan 19
Off to Hanoi

Jan 20

Jan 21

Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 24

Jan 26

Jan 27

Jan 28
Back in Nha Trang

Jan 29
Off to BKK

Jan 30

Jan 31

Feb 1

Feb 2

Feb 3

Feb  4
Leaving Thailand
Back in Norway

Feb 2020

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We arrived late at Nha Trang, around 2100 hours after more than 3 hours on the train.

Off to our train i Tuy Hoa and 3 hours before we are back in Nha Trang.

At Nha Trang, a lot of pack-packers also showed up.

Petter Hamnvik from Narvik, Norway walked by. Nice guy that wants to settle in Vietnam due to to high costs in Thailand. Same as Martin did. We met him due to our Norwegian shirts.

The construction next door is nearing its final stage.

They have filled up the cellars with stone and rubble.

Making a new wall towards the street.


And burning rubbish, not nice.

The final touches. Amazing what they can do with a few square meters of land.

Jan 16th, time for street party at Phuong's landlady's house.

The food was really good, particularly the soup.  


Loveliy flowers for TET, the Vietnamese New Year.

Last time in the pool for a long time.

Martin enjoyed his swims. Next time will be mid-March.

Martin and the pool staff. Lovely persons.

Martin and pool staff.

Martin having a nice beer at the pool.

Vietnamese commi flags outside the pool. Vietnam doesn't have a national flag.

Martin happy with his after-beer-swim.


Jan 18th, time for school party.

Welcome reception at Lang Nuong Zalo restaurant.

The selection of buffet food was really good and varied.

Alain, Brigitte's husband. Nice Frenchman.

Overview of the facilities.

The whole bunch.

The teachers. From the left ??

On Sunday January 19th, it was time to leave for Hanoi at 0600 in the morning. Leave the house at 0300 hours. Cumbersome travel route.

We wanted to take the train, but the travel agency, www.Vietnamtrain.com  

They screwed up big time. They took my money, and then 10 days later they told me the train was fully booked. Never use or recommend these morons to anyone.

Instead, we used 

for one booking. Fast, courteous and efficient. Tickets in the mail half an hour after the payment was registered. Very good service. I recommend them.

 This company www.vietnamtrain.com and their parents company  https://www.smiletravelvietnam.com/cannot be recommended and trusted.


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