Aug 19 - 21, Kaya Hote in Tuy Hoa.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Nha Trang, Vietnam.



Aug 09
Arriving Hanoi

Aug 10
Hanoi City Tour

Aug 11
Leaving for Nha Rrang

Aug 12 - 18
Nha Trang

Aug 19 - 21
Kaya Hotel

Aug 22
Luxury Hotel

Aug 23 - 31
Nha Trang

Sep 1 - 7
Nha Trang

Sep 8 - 17
Nha Trang

Sep 18 - 19
Nha Trang

Sep 20 - 23
Tuy Hoa, Luxury Hotel 

Sep 24 - 30
Nha Trang

Sep 30 -Oct 10
River Kwai & Cambodia

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After a nice bus trip in a luxurious van, we arrived at KAYA HOTEL.

It was a very luxurious van with 12 seats. Very comfortable.


We went with minibus to Tuy Hoa in the Phu Yen province.

This is the van at a pit stop.

The toilet facilities weren't the greatest. 

Back on the road.

Train was close by.

Martin travelled with train before in Vietnam.

Coconut lady.

Farmer's truck.

At Maya Hotel.

The reception.

Sea view from our veranda. The veranda was the smallest Martin had ever seen.

Vyanh and Martin in their fancy bed.

Vyanh is very active. Here writing n the notebook Martin gave her.

Vyanh and Martin.

In the hotel reception.

Going down to Phuong's sister.


Vyanh in her aunt's house. She made herself busy.

Martin and Vyanh at the dinner table.

All of us, including Phyong's sister, husband and son.

Nice dinner.  

Aug 20th in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province.

The morning pool.

To other guest at the pool.

Vyanh and Martin at the breakfast table.

Martin having a cup of coffee.

Finishing breakfast.

Off to a war memorial.


Entrance to the war memorial.


Vyanh and Martin inside.

Vyanh and Martin in front of all the names.

A view of the city.

The outside of the memorial.

Martin saying hello to Uncle Ho.


The view with the flag.

The new flag of Vietham.

Another bridge over town.

A watch boy having his brunch. Or whatever.

'Relic', what does that mean?

Vyanh and her grandmother, Phuong.

The National Relic.

Nice pine tree.

Phuong and Vyanh.



Phuong and Vyanh.

Some locals.

Nice female Buddha.

Lots of small Buddhas.

Phuong and Martin.

Vyanh and Martin.


View from the restaurants.

Martin had king prawns.

Vyan relaxing in a hammoc.

All three of us at the table with the sea in the background.

The leftovers from a lovely meal. Clams and king prawns.  
In the evening, we picked up Vyan at her karate practice. She attends 3 times a week for 90 minutes. Great fun.

Martin's old hotel He stayed here on March 28th for one night.

Vyanh in her karate outfit.

Luxury hotel, our next stop.


Martin ordered barbeque chicken, but was inedible due to too much chilly and shit.

Vyanh relaxing at the restaurant.  

On Wednesday August 21st, we moved to Luxury Hotel.

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