Sep 1 - 8 in Nha Trang, 2019
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Nha Trang, Vietnam.



Aug 09
Arriving Hanoi

Aug 10
Hanoi City Tour

Aug 11
Leaving for Nha Rrang

Aug 12 - 18
Nha Trang

Aug 19 - 21
Kaya Hotel

Aug 22
Luxury Hotel

Aug 23 - 31
Nha Trang

Sep 1 - 7
Nha Trang

Sep 8 - 17
Nha Trang

Sep 18 - 19
Nha Trang

Sep 20 - 23
Tuy Hoa, Luxury Hotel 

Sep 24 - 30
Nha Trang

Sep 30 - Oct 10
River Kwai & Cambodia

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Phuong moved into her new house and Martin stayed there a couple of nights.

Phuong's house to the left and the view further up the street.

The downhill view where we came from.

The view across the street. Watch the video.

The view from the barred windows. All had solid steel bars in front of them.

The courtyard at the entrence. Also looked like a cage.


The stairs up from the basement wich had a bathroom and a second bedroom used for storage.

The bedroom with Phuong and the bathroom to the left.

Phuong in the basement.

Big neighbor just outside and behind Phuong's house.

A nice grill just behind the bars surrounding the courtyard.

During the night, the bikes are parked inside the house, in the living room.

Early morning view around 0500.

The barred gate of Phuong's house. Security is high.

Friday September 6th, time for some spareribs.

Spareribs taken without flash.

Spareribs with flash and Kim chi that is too strong for Martin.

The pool that Martin is using near Phuong's house. It is clean, 25 meters long and with very clear water. But it is hardly an arm's length deep.  
Martin overlooking the city outside Phuong's house.

Up to the restaurant, Garden Hills.

Long and steep.

At the steepest, 45 degrees uphill. Heavy on your legs.

Entrance to the restaurant.

Garden Hills restaurant. Only for Vietnamese. They don't speak English and menu is only in English.

The menu. Martin had grilled fish with salt. But if you are visiting this restaurant, have a local guide with you. Otherwise you are lost. No pictures, nothing.

The interior is very nice with large, clean and clean aquariums.

City view going down hill.

Another stylish aquarium inside the restaurant.

The restaurant is typical frequented by local families and business men. Not a place for a lone tourist.

Nice rainy day at Chep-Cheap. Watch the video.

Lovely oysters with cheese.

Wet street runner.

On Monday September 9th, it was time for  more Nha Trang.

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