Aug 10 - Visit to Hanoi City.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Nha Trang, Vietnam.



Aug 09
Arriving Hanoi

Aug 10
Hanoi City Tour

Aug 11
Leaving for Nha Rrang

Aug 12 - 18
Nha Trang

Aug 19 - 21
Kaya Hotel

Aug 22
Luxury Hotel

Aug 23 - 31
Nha Trang

Sep 1 - 7
Nha Trang

Sep 8 - 17
Nha Trang

Sep 18 - 19
Nha Trang

Sep 20 - 23
Tuy Hoa, Luxury Hotel 

Sep 24 - 30
Nha Trang

Sep 30 - Oct 10
River Kwai & Cambodia

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We planned to visit 3 places.
    1.     Vietnam Women Museum
    2.     Hanoi Police Museum
    3.     Hoa Lo Prison Memorial or Hanoi Hilton for Americans
    4.     Nhà Hàng Pho Bin fish restaurant. No website with English

Our daytrip. Click for bigger picture.

Vietnam Women Museum,

Hanoi Police Museum
Hoa Lo Prison Memorial or Hanoi Hilton for Americans

Nhà Hàng Pho Bin fish restaurant. No website with English. And at 3 o'clock in the afternoon it was closed. Not good.

The grilled eel Martin did not have at the restaurant.

Phuong at the breakfast table overlooking the city.

The stairs were dangerous for oldies. No rails.

Martin got his fill.

Seen here with a coffee cup of orange juice, since there were no more glasses nor coffee.

Amazingly, the quantity of food was severely lacking, where most of the bins were empty at 0800 in the morning.  Watch the empty bins.

Over too central Hanoi. And our return over another bridge.

The Vietnamese Woman Museum, was worth while visit.

Here Martin gets his audio stuff handed out by Martin though was a woman that spoke very good English, only learned from school.

Martin listens and watches.

Some paraphernalias in conjunction with weddings.

Engagement rings. Martin should get one for Phuong.

Phuong with a corn grinder making maize flour.

Nice displays on the wall.

Photo from busy street life.

Martin is ogling some fish traps.

Phuong with carry baskets.

Time for a short prayer.

Phuong with some of the nice dresses.

The White Goddess of the Vietnamese.

Way down.

Time for the police museum. Also a worth while visit.

Martin with some cop dummies.

Phuong imitating a cop gir.

Details of Phuong.

Phuong and a cop bike.

Tools of the trade. Even an old Sten-Gun did they have among two .45ACP Thompson and grease gun, both of American origin.

Uniforms on display.

The commie symbol of Vietnam.

Martin relaxing in the conference room.

The big brass of the cop force know how to make life comfortable.

Martin and Uncle Ho.

Phuong and Uncle Ho.

Misplaced photo from Hanoi Hilton.

Display of cop busts.

Martin and the cop bike.

They even have cyber crime divisions. Not bad.

And the displays are really formidable. Very impressive.

Hanoi Hilton, Vietnamese style with Phuong.
nd this is how our visit to the prison ends. The Vietnamese are portrayed there as a great nation respecting its worst enemy and ‘’transforming’’ the prison for Americans into a 3-star hotel despite the atrocities executed on their nation by the same worst enemy.. It’s not what we expected ..!

After having a deeper insight into some historical materials regarding the prison and watching a drama ”Hanoi Hilton” (1987), it turned out that the Vietnamese version of events has nothing to do with the reality of those times. The drama focuses on the suffering, torture and ill-treatment of US prisoners, who had to pretend in front of their families that they were doing quite well in that prison. Hence myriads of images in the prison/museum which are allegedly evidence of good treatment of the American prisoners by the Vietnamese. It is sad and surprising at the same time that such an image full of hypocrisy and falsehood is presented to the visitors of this place.

The almond tree story. It is good.

Shackles used by the French.

Cell used by the French.

Big shoes.

Nice backyard.

Commies don't talk about their own atrocities.

In a very nice backyard, they had made this mural.

Martin and Phuong in front of the main monument.

It is very nice.

When we came out, we got some rain from the skies so we hired a rickshaw that took us to the closed restaurant, Nhà Hàng Pho Bin fish restaurant.

Busy wet streets

Off we went some 300 meters.

Through wet street. But we were dry in the rickshaw covered up in plastic.

Instead of Nhà Hàng Pho Bin fish restaurant which was closed, we ended up here, The Vuvuzela retaurant. Click the link for the intention behind the restaurant.

The interior was nice and inviting.

Martin ordered spareribs. His favorite.

Nice spare rib, which they didn't have. Of 5 dishes, Martin ordered, only two were available. Not good. Details of what martin ordered.

The beers they serve is another story. To quote a review:
“The space is big and comfortable, and they have good beer,” he said, reaching out to clink mugs of Carlsberg with his two dining companions.

It may be, but they had not the standard local beers, but some craft beer that tasted like camel piss. The only decent beer was this one, from Czech.

Sunday August 11th, Sunday it was time to return to Nha Trang.

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