Thailand and China, Mar 5 - May 28, 2015.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.



Mar 24 Bangkok

Mar 27 Chongqing

Chongqing City

Mar30 Shangri-La

Apr  2 Lijiang

Apr  4 Beijing

Apr  8 Bangkok

Apr 12 - Nang Rong

Apr 20 - Jomtien





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After 10 days in Norway, Martin is back in Thailand. And will go to China on March 27th.

Martin stayed with his nephew Cato for two nights. A very pleasant stay. Here Cato is off to work.

the traffic in Oslo is nowhere near the one in Saigon. See the video.

Cato is steadily plodding along to his work at NSB, the Norwegian Public Railway System.

It is still snow in Norway. Martin hates snow.

Today, March 4th, it was sunny. then Norway is nice.

Martin travel with only hand luggage. then he can check in on these machine and don't have to wait in line. Nice.

Martin shopping for Norwegian gifts for his friends in Thailand. Suza, Lai and her son Boss.

Here are the presents. One for each.

Martin arrived 5 hours before departure. Lots of time to do some computer work.

And to have a beer or 6 while updating his web-pages and doing some books for his pistol club.

Off to the gate.

Our Norwegian plane not on strike to take us to Thailand.

On our route to Jomtien, time for a leak.

Suza's car is a nice, red one.

Martin is taking out his Thai money and putting back his Norwegian ones.

Suza with his Norwegian head scarf he got from Martin.

Time for a stopover at a bottle store.

Martin's favorite beer, San Miguel Lite with less calories.


Suza helping Martin to load his 4 crates. Only 3 were shown on the previous picture.

Martin with Suza. He has been Martin's driver for 3 years now.

the early morning temperature is 280 Centigrade. A nice way to start the day.

the pool is nice, clean and clear in the mornings.

Martin with the water temperatue, 290 Centigrade.

Lai too has the temperature.

the air temperature after the swim around 1000 hours is 340 Centigrade. Somewhat on the hot side. the max temperature rises to 360 Centigrade some days. That is on the hot side.

Just around 1000 hours the kids arrive. then Martin should be finished.

In the evening, time for big fish at Mama's. She knows how to fry big fish.

Lai is doing some brick work in the garden and bought some bricks for the job.


Our bus to Bangkok will leave at 1100 hours on Tuesday 25th.


Lai went to the temple with some offerings for her dead son Bell.

Lai's dog Blackie is not black.  
the next week, Thursday March 12th, it was time for


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