Sep 19 - Martin back in Jomtien to Jai.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012
September 2012

  1. Saturday
    Off to Jomtien
  2. Sunday
    Settling in
  3. Monday
    Immigration part I
  4. Tuesday
    Fon arrived
  5. Wednesday
    Working for Terje
  6. Thursday
    Rainy and Pat
  7. Friday
    Windy Day
  8. Saturday
    Dentist visit
  9. Sunday
    Swim & Massage
  10. Monday
    First Beach trip
  11. Tuesday
    Mam swims
  12. Wednesday
    Another lazy day
  13. Thursday
    Off to Koh Chang
  14. Friday
    First full day with Mam
  15. Saturday
    Martin sore throat
  16. Sunday
    Another rainy day
  17. Monday
    Last day on Koh Chang
  18. Thuesday
    Returning to Jomtien
  19. Wednesday
    First day with Lai
  20. Thursday
    Rainy day
  21. Friday
    Lazy day with Lai
  22. Saturday
    Far, Lai's sister
  23. Sunday
    Off to Nang Rong
  24. Monday
    Fooling around with Lai
  25. Thuesday
    Lai's mother
  26. Wednesday
    Visiting Wolfgang
  27. Thursday
    Roy's restaurant
  28. Friday
    Fon & SauerKraut
  29. Saturday
    Last day in Buri Ram
  30. Sunday
    Back to Jomtien
October 2012
November 2012

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Martin is still on antibiotics and didn't swim, but Tip came around and gave Martin a good rub down. Then Jai arrived.

A hole for a palm tree to be.

Martin having beers for lunch.

Thai mother and Norwegian father. Baby is very popular among the girls.

Van, Roy's wife is there today as well.

Roy, Frank and Martin at 3 Roses, Martin's most favorite watering hole in Jomtien.

Then Jai arrived with sister, two nieces and brother-in-law.

Jai is far more lovely than Martin expected. She is married to a dying German. He is in hospital in Germany. He gave her a big lovely house in Burinam.

Time for an evening beer with children at Tong's supermarket downstairs.

The next day, Thursday  September 20th, it was the first full day with Jai.

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