Sep 1 - off to Jomtien.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012
September 2012

  1. Saturday
    Off to Jomtien
  2. Sunday
    Settling in
  3. Monday
    Immigration part I
  4. Tuesday
    Fon arrived
  5. Wednesday
    Working for Terje
  6. Thursday
    Rainy and Pat
  7. Friday
    Windy Day
  8. Saturday
    Dentist visit
  9. Sunday
    Swim & Massage
  10. Monday
    First Beach trip
  11. Tuesday
    Mam swims
  12. Wednesday
    Another lazy day
  13. Thursday
    Off to Koh Chang
  14. Friday
    First full day with Mam
  15. Saturday
    Martin sore throat
  16. Sunday
    Another rainy day
  17. Monday
    Last day on Koh Chang
  18. Thuesday
    Returning to Jomtien
  19. Wednesday
    First day with Lai
  20. Thursday
    Rainy day
  21. Friday
    Lazy day with Lai
  22. Saturday
    Far, Lai's sister
  23. Sunday
    Off to Nang Rong
  24. Monday
    Fooling around with Lai
  25. Thuesday
    Lai's mother
  26. Wednesday
    Visiting Wolfgang
  27. Thursday
    Roy's restaurant
  28. Friday
    Fon & SauerKraut
  29. Saturday
    Last day in Buri Ram
  30. Sunday
    Back to Jomtien
October 2012
November 2012

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Martin checked out and drove to Jiratip and dropped Pin off on the way.

Martin traveled from The Ambassador to Jomtien beach along this route, some 150 kms.

Martin's stuff is getting down from the room.

Martin spent some time in the computer room waiting for Pin.

Lovely Pin arrived a little late as usual.

Martin's bellboy Suwan S who speaks very good English for a Thai.

Pin's skew look at things.

Pin and Martin at the lobby bar.

Cab driver Thanin and Martin.

Pin with Martin and Thanin.

Pin is patching up her looks.

Pink building on the way to On Nut and Jiratip.

Pin with Thanin's hat.

Jiratip and Pin in Jiratip's flat.

Jiratip and Pin.

Pin and Martin in Jiratip's living room.

A nice overpass along the road to Pin.

Pin's lovely smile.

A building close to where Pin is living.

Thanin stopped here to buy some beers for Martin.

Nice block of flats.

Time for a leak at the many urinals along the road.

Thanin's car.


Aom is welcoming Martin.

Tukta is Aom's friend.

Aom and Tukta in the hallway of the condo block.

Aom is figuring out which electrical meter to read.

The water meter was easy.

Martin's condo for the next two weeks.

The road down to the sea.

The local watch boys at S2.

A local beauty outside S2.

The sea at the beach.

Tuk at Dodo bar is a nice person.

Martin and Fon.

Martin took Fon for dinner. It is better than to eat alone.

At the Menuet, Big Boob girl Phi was smiling as always. Nice to see her again.  


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The next day, Sunday September 2nd, Martin settled in his Condo.

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