Mar 20-29, Nha Trang for  now.
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Leaving Norway

Jan 24

Jan 25

Jan 26
Genocide Museum

Jan 27
Booze Cruise

Jan 28
Shooting range

Jan 29
Back to Saigon

Jan 30
Tuy Hoa

Jan 31
Tuy Hoa

Feb 1-7
Nha Trang

Feb 8-11
Tuy Hoa

Feb 12-20
Nha Trang

Feb 21-28
Nha Trang

Mar 1-8
Nha Trang

Mar 9-14
SGN-Nha Trang

Mar 15-19
Tuy Hoa

Mar 20-31
Nha Trang

Apr 22
Leaving for Norway

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Martin celebrated his 79th birthday on March 20th ,2023.

Nice flowers from Hanna.

Martin happy with the flowers.

Ha, the school principal and Hanna in the classroom.

June Martin and Trang, the youngest student in the class.

Martin and June with one of the cakes.


Trang gave Martin one birthday cake and Ha the other one. But Martin is fat enough so he gave the one cake to Junes grand sons.

Ha, the school principal to the left and Junes brother and sister-in-law behind him.

Fancy cakes, but Martin is fat enough and don't eat it. He drinks beers.

TJ travel is closed. This crooked, scam-artist has gotten his due, but due to the current state of affairs in Vietnam, he will be able to bribe is way out of jail.

Martin at Mockba ready for a fish dish. Nice touch with the rubber gloves.

June with Martin's Soya sauce. Nice, alcohol-free drink.

Martin's favorite ribs at An Viet Hamlet Restaurant. Excellent.

Friday, March 24th, June and Martn had a lovely evening and nice food.

5 Vien BBQ restaurant Buffet & BBQ 5 Vien restaurant is located right in front of Doan An San 20 Ministry of Defense guest house, No. 9 Hoang Dieu. Getting ready for the guest.

The have an amazing assortments of all kind of very fresh seafood.

Quang, the owner and Martin in the hall. Lovely person.

The selection of food is really amazing.

He has a knack with customers and has a very friendly and forthcoming attitude, most appreciated by his customers.

They make a bed of ice for the seafood to keep fresh. A  really nice setup.

Martin's favorite,  4 pints of beer. The ticket per person is roughly 11 USD, and really good value for money. I Norway, that is the price for one single pint.

June went for an early morning walk with a "rich" friend.

Computer shop that tried to fix Martin's computer. No dice.

Useless manager didn't manage to make Martin's sound come back.

Tuesday, March 28th, June and Martin found a new seafood buffet restaruant.

It was on the pavement, nicely laid out.

Plenty of nice seafood, some of it not so tasty.

Martin's first beer.

Martin's second beer.

Wednesday, March 28th, Farewell party with Ha and Hanna at Mockba's.


Thursday March 30th, it was time to leave for Tuy Hoa again.

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