Mar 9-17, Saigon and tuy Hoa again.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

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Genocide Museum

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Booze Cruise

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Back to Saigon

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Tuy Hoa

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Tuy Hoa

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Nha Trang

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Leaving for Norway

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On Monday the 13th, we were off to Saigon and Tuy Hoa.


Friday, March 10th, Martin had a lovely seafood lupper at Yen Nhi across the street.


And in Norway it was snowing again on March 9th.                          Here with the manager Johnny.

The seafood was so fresh it was alive. Watch the video.


Saturday, March 11th, June and Martin had another lovely seafood supper at this joint.

Mr. Quang, owner of Buffet & BBQ 5 Vien restaurant shared, 5 Vien BBQ restaurant is located right in front of Doan An San 20 Ministry of Defense guest house, No. 9 Hoang Dieu, Vinh Nguyen ward, Nha Trang city (50m from Tran Phu beach) so it will not be difficult to find.

Can seat up to 250 people. Then it is busy.


Martins favorite with 2 liters of beer and a cooling element inside. Very smart.

Martin and a crab. They are difficult to eat.

Making hotpot. Watch the video.

Setting up the food tables with a lot of ice. June is posing.

Lot of nice stuff. You can see Cobi fish or black salmon, tuna, the red, corn on the cob, crab and various shell of different kind.

Martin likes the king prawns.

And he likes his beers. Lots of it.

June likes beer too.


Tuesday, March 14th, June and Martin arrived in Saigon to do some paper business.

Early morning arriving in Saigon.

June and Martin is getting up.

Martins caps and flowers, courtesy of the railroads

Two co-sleepers in the cabin. Construction works going to visit their families in the Mekong delta.

Happy smiling cab driver in Saigon.


Before going to the consulate, we had a very nice buffet breakfast on the ground floor.


First we went to the wrong place.



Then to another one. No results.

The consulate was staffed by the normal, arrogant Vietnamese as you meet in all government staff. Shit service.



Then off to a third one, no dice.

Then off our hotel for 6 hours. And dinner at Hidden next door.

It has a nice interior.

Marin's favorite beer girl, Saigon Chill.


Martin had smoked and cooked tongue for starters. Really great.

Big smoked pumpkin stew.

It was very tasty.

On Saturday March 15th, we arrived in Tuy Hoa for 4 nights

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