Sep 19 - disembarkment and Paragon Noi Bai Hotel.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Sep  6

Sep  7
Bai Dinh

Sep  8

Sep  9
Haiphong Bay

Sep 10
Haiphong Bay

Sep 11
Haiphong Harbour

Sep 12
Kinh Thai River

Sep 13
Ba Trang village

Sep 14

Sep 15
Lower Red River

Sep 16
Lo River

Sep 17
Da River

Sep 18
Hoa Binh

Sep 19
Hoa Binh

Sep 20
Off to Laos

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Our hotel next to the airport.

The last day was the best one.

Our last breakfast on the ship, Angkor. Duy joined in.

As always, the food is very good on the ship.

We went off to a minority village, The Muong are an ethnic group native to northern Vietnam. The Muong is the country's third largest of 53 minority groups.

They build their houses on stilts for heat protection.

They can only harvest once a year, since there is no artificial watering systems.

On the ground floor, they keep their animals.

Plenty of nice ducks for animal.

A manual rice grinder.

A creek running through the village.

They use the water to drive a manual rice crusher.

The group at the pond with the grinder.

Drying various kind of food-stuff in the sun is a trusted method.

Lovely rice fields.

Big, fat goose parading around.

And rules they need in Vietnam.


Vi visited a house to one of the locals. Here is he in his main room.

We took a car up the hill to the museum and restaurant.

They had put out a fantastic lunch for us.

June and Martin at the table.

Duke, our main tour guide, talked about everything, very eloquently.

June and the owner of the museum.

Having a pre-lunch cool drink is nice.

And we all listened attentively.

The group or large parts of it.



Sign wishing you welcome.

Old Muong trophies.

Our tour guide, Duke.

He translates for the owner about ceramics.

Another trophy.

The pearl of the museum, swords from old kings.

Souvenirs for sale.


The chef that made this lovely lunch possible for us.

June and Martin really enjoyed the food.


Saying farewell at the airport.

After checking in, to the pool on top.

It had a nice view of the airport.

Ready for a swim.

Nice in the shade in the corner.

Martin is getting ready.

And off he went for 45 minutes for his first swim in 10 days.

In the evening, we had a lovely pork barbeque just around the corner.   It was driven by an electric motor and was perfectly done.  

On Tuesday September 20th, it was time to leave for Laos.

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