Sep 7, 2022 - Trip to Bai Dinh and Nam Dinh for the day.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Sep  6

Sep  7
Bai Dinh

Sep  8

Sep  9
Haiphong Bay

Sep 10
Haiphong Bay

Sep 11
Haiphong Harbour

Sep 12
Kinh Thai River

Sep 13
Ba Trang village

Sep 14

Sep 15
Lower Red River

Sep 16
Lo River

Sep 17
Da River

Sep 18
Hoa Binh

Sep 19
Hoa Binh

Sep 20
Off to Laos

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We started out early, at 0730 on our trip to Nim Binh.

Nice, 3 lane highway down south.

But the railroad crossing was al little primitive.

after an hour, we had a break. June and Martin.

Very efficient shopping wall with toilets and restaurants for snacks.



June on the bridge to the temple.




Another weird traveler from somewhere.


June ready to enter a temple after getting her skirt on.

Temple crossing.

Row of religious flags.

June and the rock.

June and Martin entering the temple grounds.

Martin having a rest.

Fantastic lunch. Lots of nice food and very efficient.

Long, inviting temple.

The had goat too, but was very dry. The pork next to it was much better.

Weird tattoo. What does it mean?

The grub was lovely. And very efficiently served.

Time to take a boat ride.

Entering the boat. Difficult for Martin.

Off down the river.

Lovely, warm and quiet.

Stop at a watery temple.

Entering one of the many caves.

Quiet river with the bird mountains in the background.

Just returning to our starting point.

On Thursday September 8th, it was our last day before the trip to Halong Bay.

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