Sep 12 - Briefing and water puppets.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Sep  6

Sep  7
Bai Dinh

Sep  8

Sep  9
Haiphong Bay

Sep 10
Haiphong Bay

Sep 11
Haiphong Harbour

Sep 12
Kinh Thai River

Sep 13
Ba Trang village

Sep 14

Sep 15
Lower Red River

Sep 16
Lo River

Sep 17
Da River

Sep 18
Hoa Binh

Sep 19
Hoa Binh

Sep 20
Off to Laos

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Interesting day with a bicycle trip and water puppets.

Nice view from the front when the ship is slowlly crawling up the Kim Thay River.

Nice bridge.

Big barges bringing building materials up and down.

Typical kitchen garden for locals own food consumption.

We landed and the staff were very fast to make a secure bridge.

We crossed over and saw the stern part of the ship.

June had spicy salad for lunch.

After lunch, time for water puppet show.

Here is one of them. Watch the video.

Martin got enough of it and had a beer with June. Very nice and friendly.

Banana farms.  

On Tuesday September 13th, it was time for Ba Trang village.

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