May 1- 8,  Workers' Day etc.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Vietnam & Nha Trang.

Apr 24, 2023.
Back in Norway

May 1-8
Westwood in Norway

May 9-16
Dick operation

May 16-24
Westwood in Norway

May 25-31
Westwood in Norway

Jun 1 - 7
Westwood in Norway

Jun 8 -15
Another dick operation

Jun 16-24
Westwood in Norway

Jun 25-30
Westwood in Norway

Jul 1-7
Westwood in Norway

Jul 8-15
Westwood in Norway

Jul 16-26
Westwood in Norway

Jul 27
Return to Vietnam

Jul 23
State of House

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The week started out as miserable as socialism ever was, is or will be.

Karl Martin *Little Martin* and Martin *Big Martin* had 4 games of chess. Little Martin needs some more practice.

Martin's glasses.

Martin is getting his production going. Martin's realoading table in the living room.

Nice, cold beer is a necessity.

Ingots for the melting pot.

They first have to be relieved from their egg cartons that make their form.

Chef Karel is doing his thing with his Mom.

Serving Martin some water melon.

Evening view of the table.


Always some hassle with the press. Not rotating enough.

Last bottle of Czech beer is going down.  

On Tuesday May 9th, it was time for for more WestWood.

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