July 26 State of house.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Vietnam & Nha Trang.

Apr 24, 2023.
Back in Norway

May 1-8
Westwood in Norway

May 9-16
Dick operation

May 16-24
Westwood in Norway

May 25-31
Westwood in Norway

Jun 1 - 7
Westwood in Norway

Jun 8 -15
Another dick operation

Jun 16-24
Westwood in Norway

Jun 25-30
Westwood in Norway

Jul 1-7
Westwood in Norway

Jul 8-15
Westwood in Norway

Jul 16-26
Westwood in Norway

Jul 27
Return to Vietnam

Jul 23
State of House

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These are videos taken for the information of Martin K when he lives here while Martin is away.
The lnks shows the details..


The veranda. Martin loves it here.

The living room. Here is how to crumble milk cartons.

Bathroom downstairs. The towel rack needs fixing.

The basement with Martin;s test range.

The washroom. The washing machine needs fixing.

Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom will be fixed up more before leaving.

MartinK's bathroom window has been standing here for more than a year. Time to get it set in.

The garage. Martin vacuumed his part. JAP had done nothing.


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