Jun 16 - 24, More WestWood.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Vietnam & Nha Trang.

Apr 24, 2023.
Back in Norway

May 1-8
Westwood in Norway

May 9-16
Dick operation

May 16-24
Westwood in Norway

May 25-31
Westwood in Norway

Jun 1 - 7
Westwood in Norway

Jun 8 -15
Another dick operation

Jun 16-24
Westwood in Norway

Jun 25-30
Westwood in Norway

Jul 1-7
Westwood in Norway

Jul 8-15
Westwood in Norway

Jul 16-26
Westwood in Norway

Jul 27
Return to Vietnam

Jul 23
State of House

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After some 7 days, was Martin OK, but he didn't swim till the 22nd.

We had some rain, only 12-15 mm. too little.

Martin had his first swim on June 22nd.

Nice pool at Park Hotel, Sandefjord.

They have a steam bath too.

Martin was only guest. The pool was 12.5 meters long.

They had a bar too, but it was empty.

Martin K is installing solar panels in Czech as part of his training. He wants to go into the business.  

On Sunday  Jun 25th, it was time to get going with Martin's Norwegian life.

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