Jun 8-15, more WestWood.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Vietnam & Nha Trang.

Apr 24, 2023.
Back in Norway

May 1-8
Westwood in Norway

May 9-16
Dick operation

May 16-24
Westwood in Norway

May 25-31
Westwood in Norway

Jun 1 - 7
Westwood in Norway

Jun 8 -15
Another dick operation

Jun 16-24
Westwood in Norway

Jun 25-30
Westwood in Norway

Jul 1-7
Westwood in Norway

Jul 8-15
Westwood in Norway

Jul 16-26
Westwood in Norway

Jul 27
Return to Vietnam

Jul 23
State of House

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Visit to Jorunn and another visit to the hospital.

Martin marriage is recognized in Norway.

We had dinner in Jorunn's shed Friday June 9th.

The siblings with the taxi in the background.



Details of sibling Jorunn (69) to the left, Martin(79) and Ellen (75).

Martin at the bus stop. Scarf cunts are omnipresent.

On Saturday June 10th, we had a barbeque on Martins veranda. Here is Karel. The grandson of the house.

Daddy MartinK and the grandmother Therese.

Old Martin and Big Martin at Westwood.

At 2030 in the evening, Big Martin and his son went camping.

Little Martin is getting the tent up.  




Martin ended up here. On the 6th floor.

On Monday June 12th Martin was operated for an enlarged prostrate.

On urology where he were put post-op.

Martin's bed.

Nice view of the fiord below.

The food was very good.

Lots of varied foods in single person packages.

The cleanliness was exceptional as could be expected.


When Martin came back home, he had his worst week of his life. His pain for 5 days was almost unbearable and only on the 17th, he got some strong painkillers from his friend MartinK, was the pain bearable.


On Friday  June 16th, it was time to get going with Martin's Norwegian life.

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