Nov 16 - 22, Nha Trang
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Nov 9
Leaving Norway

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Nha Trang

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Nha Trang

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Nha Trang

Nov 29
Tuy Hoa

Nov 30
Tuy Hoa

Dec 1
Tuy Hoa, big Pool

DecWeek 1
Tuy Hoa, big Pool

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Tyo Hoa

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Feb 4, 2020
Back in Norway

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Saturday the 16th, Phuong had her birthday party even though it is on the 20th.

Phuong with her birthday cake.

VeAnh is also posing with the cake.

VeAnh checking out Martin's feet.

Martin and Phuong's landlady Nam. She spoke good English and was a pleasure.

Some of her Ngia, Ha and Nguyet, friends

Brother Ha, brother-in-law Uy, my cousin's husband Phuoc and husband of my other cousin, daughters, of my father's sister. His name is Thang..

 The table cooking was very effective.

Martin at his table.
From left friend Hoa, Khoa and Phuong's landlady Nam.

Phuong and a friend Hung.

Phuong's brother and brother in-law, Uy..

The soup cooked very well on the table. The Vietnamese has made it a fine art to cook on the table.  

Sunday, November 17th.

VeAnh and Martin ready to go to the pool.

Martin and VeAnh outside Phuong's gate.



Martin and VeAnh outside the pool.


Ready for a swim.


VeAnh is a fun girl in the pool.



VeAnh and the pool.

It is a full 25 meters, but only 60 cms deep. Good for children.

Martin and VeAnh having a shower after the swim.

She gets her hair washed.

Martin in Action.

Getting dried up.

Martin and VeAnh is having a nice time.

We are drying up.

Martin is having his after swim beer.

VeAnh and Martin.

VeAnh in her New Norwegian T-shirt.

VeAnh and Martin having a nice time at the pool after the swim.

Martin bought some Pop-candy for the girls after the swim. Phuong was the driver.  
Sunday, November 17th we went to Phuong's brother in Nha Trang.
This is the "long table", not suited for oldies like Martin.

He lived next to the river that looked like a rubbish dump.

Phuong's son at the end of the "table". Martin's stiff legs in the foreground.

Phuong and Martin. Martin's face says it all.

Cheap-Cheap is a lovely place to watch people. This grey haired Chinese intrigued Martin. Chinese?

A stupid terminal that gives you stupid answers.


A lovely sales lady that smiled at Martin. None of Phuong's family did that.

The message with is completely meaningless.

First cop Martin saw at all in Nha Trang in a long time.  

Monday, November 18th

Martin visited Cheap-Cheap has he has many times.

Martin loves to watch fat Russians walking by.

Lovely spare ribs in sweet & sour.

Martin's favorite spot.

The menu is really amazing. Low prices, big selection and tasty food.

Some details.

Another restaurant near the sea.

Martin at another branch of VietinBank that worked.

Martin overlooking the sea.

Table cooking is very popular in Vietnam.

Friday, November 22nd.

Martin and Phuong at the pool party. Watch the video.

It was nice enough, but with the enormous volume on the speakers, you couldn't talk.

Mr. Vitamin with his newly slapped on cowpat on his shaven head.

Phuong in a nice dress Martin bought her for her birthday the 22nd.

On Saturday November 23rd, it was the last week of the month.

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