Far East Asia Handgun Competition 2018 in Pattaya.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 23
Arrived BKK

Aug 24
Rainy day

Aug 25
Fish Market

Aug 26
Pork knuckle

Aug 27
Off to Jomtien

Aug 28-31

Sep 1 - 9

Sep 10 - 16
Nang Rong

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 19, shooting range, Pattaya

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 24 - 30

Oct 1 - 8

Oct 9 - 15

Oct 16 - 25

Oct 26 - Nov 3
New condo

Nov 4 - Nov 5

Nov 6
Back to Norway

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Martin went to the shooting competition and met some Norwegians and friends from South Africa.

This is the welcome sign at the range that is difficult to find if you don't have GPS. They catered for up to 740 people.

The flags of the participating nations.

Lai and the flags.

The parking area.

You can warm up with 10 rounds here.

Stage 2, where the Norwegians where shooting this 2nd day of the match.

Full frontal of Rune. A video of all 3 Norwegians doing their bit on stage 2.

His back is impressive and a gift from the Thai IPSC commette.

Thorbjørn after his shoot. Both him and Rune was from Stavanger.

Ben was from Tønsberg. The 4th one was sick in bed. Too much of everything?

Martin and Andy. Andy was a very friendly Thai man that spoke good English.

The range where your rounds were chronographed.

The ranges were very innovative like this one.

Another one with a special theme.

A range with motive from Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The white temple from Northern Thailand. Martin visited it during March of 2018.

Martin with the group from South Africa. Nice guys. And one girl.
From left: 
Adnaan  Gauteng Province Johannesburg
Hishaam  Western Province Cape Town
Ebrahim  Gauteng Province Johannesburg
Madelaine  Mpumalanga Province Mbombela(Nelspruit)
Hendrik  Mpumalanga Province Mbombela(Nelspruit)
Pieter   Kwazulu Natal Province
Zunaid th Gauteng Province Johannesburg
Willie thet Mpumalanga Province Mbombela(Nelspruit)

The honorable Martin seated :-)

Hope to see you all again in 2020. Then I hope to shoot as well. I may shoot there in December this year if I'm approved from my RD in Norway.

Another innovative range with flowers as a theme.

Martin's participation badge from 1979 in South Africa.

He is a close neighbor to Ronnie that Martin competed with in South Africa.

Ronnie Saunder's friend from South Africa. 

The main area between the ranges. Very cleverly laid out.

The feeding area were very big and could cater for a lot of people.

Here is the name of the Czech guy. Anyone understand it? Give me a call or email. You have it to the left.

September 22nd, Martin went back to the shooting range for the final shootout.

He met this nice guy from Czech, his name incomprehensible.

Here is the shootout range. Watch the video.


Erwin from Israel, same age as Martin. Maybe we meet in Israel next near.

We had a chat with Ben from Tønsberg on the last day of the shoot. Here seen to the right with Lai, Martin's girlfriend taking the selfie.

Mr. Hollander's business card is very original doubling up as a bullet template for the most common calibers.

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