Apr 25 - Sinshen Fish Market
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Fish Market

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We planned to visit the Shinsen Fish Market on the 24th, but rain prevented it.

The official picture from Sinshen's web site.

Earlier in the day, it was raining.

Late afternoon, around 5 o'clock, we took a Tuc-Tuc to the fish market. Veriy expensive. The taxi back cost only a third.

The main entrance to Shinsen Fish Market.

The sign in the gdate.

Very hefty traffic this time of the day.

It took a long time to get there.

Martin and Lai inside the fish market.

The crabs were pricey, 4000 baht or US $ 110,- per kilo.

Clams in water.

The inside was very stiylish.

Live crabs soon to be eaten alive.

Overview of the dining area.

Stacks of wine.

Even more beers from South-East Asia.

They had a meat section too.

Martin and his beer which you bought separately from the shelves above and took to your table at no extra charge.

Black swan was a dark, sweetish beer from Korea.

A working girl is paying off the waiter.

On Sunday August 26th, it was time for a visit to the market.

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