Oct 8 - 15,  Jomtien.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 23
Arrived BKK

Aug 24
Rainy day

Aug 25
Fish Market

Aug 26
Pork knuckle

Aug 27
Off to Jomtien

Aug 28-31

Sep 1 - 9

Sep 10 - 16
Nang Rong

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 19, shooting range, Pattaya

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 24 - 30

Oct 1 - 8

Oct 9 - 15

Oct 16 - 25

Oct 26 - Nov 3
New condo

Nov 4 - Nov 5

Nov 6
Back to Norway

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Another week in Jomtien.

Lovely morning pool on September 9th.

The far end of the pool.

Martin is getting ready.

The water temperature was 300 Centigrade and the air was 290. A little hot for long distance swimming as Martin does with his 2000 meters every day except Sundays.

Martin had his outdoor beer at Pig 'n Whistle looking at Nana next door.

Looking at Pig 'n Whistle from the other side of the road, The Cove.

They had a nice fish meal at Nana. One of the girls had birthday.

The cove seen from the Pig 'n Whistle.

In the picture above, you see an nice pork knuckle. Martin tried it. Overdone, old, no potatoes and no pickled cabbage. Not recommended.

Martin likes San Miguel Lite beer. Here they have the same in a dark version from tap. Tasted horrible. Like beer with dry wine in it. Don't try it.

The Cove is spacious and very well designed with a correct temperature. Not too cold.

Typical Thai. Don't care for others in the traffic and double park.

Outside the S-condos, they were fixing the street lights.

Martin and Tom at Gold Monkey with a mop for the condo.

Nok, the owner of Gold Monkey with Eddie, 81 years old.

Walter from Australia.

Nok's grumpy lawyer. Typical rich female Thai with no empathy for poor Thais.

Bird view of the pool at the S-blocks, Martin's favorite place.

The street outside the S-condos with all the shops open towards the ground floor.

Early morning pool.

The roof-top of S1-block with a Helios-pad on top.

Lovely morning pool.


View of The Jomtien Beach. Watch 3600 view of Jomtien from the top of the S1-block.

On Tuesday October 16th, it was the last week in Jomtien for now.

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