Oct 26 - Nov 3, Jomtien and new condo.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Aug 23
Arrived BKK

Aug 24
Rainy day

Aug 25
Fish Market

Aug 26
Pork knuckle

Aug 27
Off to Jomtien

Aug 28-31

Sep 1 - 9

Sep 10 - 16
Nang Rong

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 19, shooting range, Pattaya

Sep 17 - 23

Sep 24 - 30

Oct 1 - 8

Oct 9 - 15

Oct 16 - 25

Oct 26 - Nov 3
New condo

Nov 4 - Nov 5

Nov 6
Back to Norway

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Martin arrived the night before to his new condo and stayed here till he left for Bangkok.

The view from the balcony isn't much.

Back at the condo, Martin had a dry run on his escape route. Fortunately, he discovered some flaws in it before the real thing. Martins new view in his new condo.

September 27th, Martin got a bloodied nose.

And broken glasses by an irate motorbike taxi.

Plenty of blood, but the cost was on the glasses.

The cost were approx. US $ 36,-. Or 3000 Thai Baht.

September 27th, Martin's eyes darkened. Nice "Blue Eyes".

Where it happened.

Martin with lovely cop-girl called Oh. She spoke very good English.

Bamboo transport outside Pig'n Whistle.

DK bar being demolished.

Porn, lovely waitress at Pig'n Whistle.


Martin went to Layong's restaurant across the street. Very good service, excellent, but prices that are close to Norwegian prices. The charged 300 baht or US $ 10,- for a small bottle of beer. Not acceptable.

The back of the very good waitress at Layong's.


Martin at the pool on Nov 3rd, having  a shower.


The A1-A2 this Saturady morning.


Martin enjoying a shower before his morning swim.

Lai and the watch boy in the lift to read the meter.

On Saturday November 3rd, it was time to leave for Bangkok.

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