Mar 31 - Shooting Range and Friendship Bridge
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Another hectic day with shooting, driving and Friendship Bridge.

The overview over the 32 pistol ranges at the shooting range.

Here you can see all the details of the range. The layout of the rifle range can be seen here.

Lai and Martin ready to depart for the shooting range.

Building material for the new hotel in conjunction with the shooting range.

Lai in front of the collection of firearms on display.<It is a big hall, have a look.

Here is the gun of the day, AK47. Martin is giving a brief introduction to the gun before the shoot.

Here are the round at roughly US $ 4,- a round. Expensive fun.

The setup before Bankk tries one round.

La get the instructions. More for fun.

Bankk enjoys shooting and this is the second time in his life he fired a gun. A lengthy video.

Lai getting some instructions, even though she didn't fire.

Martin liked the gun and tried his hand on 4 shots full auto, but one one hit.

Targets and earmuffs.

Bankk is having his first go.

 A lengthy video of Bankk was taken and Martin forgot to switch the camera off.


Bankk is Martin's driver and tourist guide in Laos and we had a lot of fun, but he cost.
US $120,- a day for his service. It is well worth.

Martin had his hand on the gun to.

Here. Martin is giving a brief introduction to the gun before the shoot.

The row of tires as bullet proofing.

Showing Bankk how to load the AK47's magazine. It is simple.

The gang together, Martin, Lai and Bankk.

We had fun on the range.

Bankk is trying to shoot, but did not get a shot off.

The helpers on the range.

Nice, young Laotian youths.

Time to relax at the bar on the range after the shoot. A very nice, and fully stocked bar with fresh fruit, vegetables and of course booze. It is a bar :-)

One of the many stages at the range. See an overview that is also on top of the page.

Then off to the only railway station in Laos. The is toward the South and Thailand.

It crosses the Mekong some 35 kilometers further South.

The name of the station is Thanaleng.

Two cute children at the railway station.

The track to the North where the line stops in a rail car turner.

Off to the Friendship Bridge that crosses the Mekong into Thailand. Lai and Martin walking across.

Bankk and Lai and the Laotian flag.

Lai with the Laotian flag.

Note the rail line in the middle of the road. The rail traffic is not heavy. Just a few trains a day.

Lai and Martin on the bridge.

The mighty Mekong River.

Lai and Martin on the bridge.

The Royal King Flag of Thailand, the yellow one. The queen's is blue.

Lai and Martin on the bridge.

The underpass of the bridge.

Lai and Martin walking across.

The Mekong.

The road traffic is very heavy.

Some monks we met on the bridge.

Nice guys in yellow.

The Mekong upstreams.

The Thai border that we couldn't cross.

Lai and Martin at the Thai border in the middle of the river.

Martin, Bank and Lai on the river.

Back on Laotian soil.

Lai with the details of the bridge.

Off to our fancy restaurant. Big tree in the courtyard.

Lai watching the restaurant complex. Our second visit here.

There are many restaurants on the boats.

Martin on his way for a leak.

Lai at the entrance.

Details of the boats.

The overview of the restaurants.

Bankk and his phone.

Handsome Bankk.

Lai and Martin with beer Lao.

It is a nice beer.

The restaurants goes on for ever.

Wooden Buddha faces outside the toilet.

Bankk is digging in.

He loves these jumping shrimps. Have a look.

We all having a good time on Martin's expense.

Bankk has an healthy appatite.

The driving restaurant on the river.

It costs extra to have the food served while shipping up and down the river.

We are very happy with the service and the food.

Lai and Martin's mirror images at the toilets. They were very clean and appetizing.

The entrance to the toilets.

The way back.

The restaurants are anchored to the river bank.

Lai and a nice ship miniature.

The river bank and it steps up to the road.

Lai and some small Buddha figures.

Overview of the river and its bridge.

Martin is having his dinner at a local diner with all kind of funny stuff on the menu. Not the first visit.

Camsavang's granddaughter with a very, rare blonde hair.

The Camsavang family outside the shop. There are 17 people living in his household.

On Saturday Apr 1st, it was time for our last visit to the zoo and the floating restaurant.

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