Feedback to mister Tim at Golden Sun Hotel, Vientiane.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Some ideas how to make Golden Sun a better hotels for the quest.

I liked my stay at Golden Sun very much. The mere fact that I came back after 4 months prove that. I wrote a praising review in TripAdvioser and my opinion haven't changed much.

The purpose with this page is to give Mr. Tim alias Charlie a change to improve the customers' experience staying at the hotel. At a savings over time for the owners

Mr. Tim and a nice Thai lady, also visited the hotel for the second time.

When you walk down the stairs, you notice chipped steps. It doesn't cost much to fix.

This cable hanging down the wall takes minutes to fasten to the wall and paint over. Do it.

Missing board in the bathroom door. And you had to slam it to get the door shut.

In the stairwell, on door with a missing board.

This is the most annoying. There has been shelving in the shower. No they are gone. It doesn't take many minutes to put one new one up so you have space for your shampoo and shaving gear.

The shower head was loose and couldn't be properly fixed.

With this lamp, the bulb was either gone or the switch didn't work. Most likely the latter.

The outdoor light was not working. The bulb had to be replaced and then you couldn't switch it off. The staff couldn't find any switch that operated that light.

  Why I'm writing this? Because I like the hotel, the staff, food, pool and location very much and I want to come back.  
  1. Get a person responsible for fixing these small problems that always will be there. A janitor of sorts. A technical inclined current staff member could do that.
  2. Install soapboxes in the showers. It is far simpler and cheaper than today's tubes of soap. And one soap box for the sink. Se pictures to the left. Then they serve as a base for shaving utensils. The picture to the right shows a sink without a soap box. This is from a brand new hotel in Thailand Socool Grand Hotel.
  3. Get rid of all the freebies in the bathroom. Have a counter in the reception that contains those items for sale. Save you money. One Chinese hotel I visited charge for that, but that would be an administrative burden for the cleaning staff. Not recommended.


You have a gardener taking care of your hedge.

Why not let him double up to take care of your outdoor maintenance as well? It does not give a good impression to have so many broken tiles as you have in front of the hotel.

  How much would it cost? I think over a 10 years perspective, you would save money and make your guests in a better mood and would come back to you. If you recon that fixing up all the bathroom would cost some 5 mill kips, what would the Net Present Value be?
  1. Calculate the savings to 1mill kips a year.
  2. Base it on 3% interests
  3. NPV = 8,5 mill kips

You may be better than me when it comes to calculating NPV. But play with the numbers. I have no idea what the savings will be nor how much it would cost to fix the bathrooms.

Kind regards,

Martin T
Happy customer


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