Apr 1 - Visit to the zoo and floating restaurant.
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Another fun day with Bankk and his girlfriend Ni.

Not nice cable hanging loose in the stair cases.

Lai in the stair cases.

Lai on the second floor with the pool.

Time to go to the zoo.

Zoo mascots just inside the gate.

Boa constrictor snake, good for steaks.

Ni and the sign post.

Rocky stone formations, no animal.

Some pea cocks called "fowl" on the sign.

The pea cock in full bloom from the behind.

Another peacock.

Last glimpse of the peacock.

Bankk and Ni on the bridge.

Lai feeding one of the bucks.

Lai feeding one of the funny birds that cannot fly.

One of the many bucks in the park.

The mama with the bananas to feed the animals with. They love bananas.

Lai and Ni.

Martin and Lai readying for a photo.

Nice greenery in the zoo.

Crocs were plentiful.

Basking in the sun.

Green after a dip in the pool.

Lai and Martin at a tree.

The world tallest bird.

It like to pick lice from its body.

The park was full of big green trees.

This is the green pond for the crocs.

Bankk is feeding the ostrich.

Lai is having a chat with the ostrich.

Bankk and Ni under a big tree.

Some big cats having fun.

Poor leopard in the zoo.

More crocs.

Asiatic black beer.

This fellow doesn't look too happy eiter.

Martin and Lai with the big tree.


Great hornbill bird.

You can see his big horn on this picture.

Walking bear.

They argue too.

The smooth coated otter is a lone creature.

But he enjoys a swim.

This baboon is a sad creature.

Here are a group of hog deers.

Bambi, a baby hog deer left alone in the field.

Bankk and Ni feeding the deers.

Leaving the zoo with Ni, Lai, Bankk and Martin.

Ditto overview.

Time to relax outside. Here a big charcoal grill is used to prepare the food.

Bankk and Martin with the Red Star commie Heineken.

Ni and Bankk.

Lai and Martin.

With a flash, Ni gets very pale in the face. Not nice.

Then it is better without one.

Better without a flash.

The entrance to the zoo.

Floating garden with salads to use in the cooking in the restaurants.

Ninguem river and the Tha-ngon Bridge across it.

Some nice water flowers.

Restaurants on the river is coming and going.

Ni and Bankk is a nice couple.

Our restaurant, Lao Dream Cafe, a very cozy place.

Down the outer side of the restaurants.

Another restaurant is coming down the river.

Bankk not happy with Ni's eating habits.

All 4 of us at the table. Eating in Laos is great fun and a way to socialize.

The leftovers afer our meal at 500 000 kips or US $ 65,-. Well worth the money.

Lai's neighbor is keeping a watchful eye on her.

The way back up the river bank.

Lai, Ni and Bankk on the river bank.

Ninguem river and the Tha-ngon Bridge across it.

Lai is ready to cross.

Lai on the Tha-ngon Bridge.

Our restaurant below the bridge.

Structures on the other side of the river where the locals live.

The restaurant complex from the far side of the river.

The opposite is poorer and the local folks live here.

Long tail boats, mode of transportation on the river.

Some shacks on the other side of the bride where the locals live.

Lai on the Tha-ngon Bridge almost across.


Farewell to the Tha-ngon Bridge, for now. Martin will be back.


On Sunday Apr 2nd, it was time to return to Thailand.

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