Mar 30 - another lazy day due to heavy rain.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

March 11-21

March 22-25

Vientiane March 26 - April 2 

    Vientiane Mar 26   

    Vientiane Mar 27   

    Vientiane Mar 28   

    Vientiane Mar 29   

    Vientiane Mar 30   

    Vientiane Mar 31   

    Vientiane Apr  1   

    Vientiane Apr  2   

Nang Rong Apr 3-11

Nang Rong Apr 11-20

Apr 20-28

Apr 23 - Shooting

May 1- 7

May 8-11

Nang Rong 11-18

Nang Rong 19-27

Bangkok 28-31

June 1st, Norway

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Martin had his swim in the rain and the trip was postponed due to heave rain.

Martin at the breakfast table with the pool in the background.

Nice dining room.

Excellent food and nice atmosphere.

The tables are spaced far apart so no problems with bumping into each other.

The beds were very comfortable. Martin having a nap.

Out hotel from the outside.

Martin speaking with the librarian he met last time.

Visith, head of the national library of Laos and Martin having a chat.

The busy streets of Vientiane.

Flowers outside the hotel, but Lai couldn't figure out if they were real or made of plastic.

Evening restaurant.

Fancy green stuff whatever it is/was.

Part of the menu with all kind of wild animals. Laotians eat anything made of protein.

Martin enjoying his pre-meal beer.

It tastes good BeerLao.

A fat happy Buddha figure in the corner.

The card reader in the room. Lai likes it.  

On Friday Mar 31st, it was time for our trip to the shooting range, Mekong river and the zoo.

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