Mar 27 - The Nam Ngum Dam in Laos.
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Visit to the Nam Ngum Dam in Laos.

The Nam Ngum Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Nam Ngum river, a major tributary of the Mekong in Laos.

The pool in the morning where Martin has his swims.

The stair is missing a step. Physical maintenance of the hotel is lacking. It is slowly crumbling and falling apart.

A pane in the door is missing. Why don't the ownwers care for their property? Very short-time greeda attitude.

On to the dam, Nam Ngum.

A fancy house on the road.

This is down streams.

Lai in front of the dam wall.

The outlet from the power generetors that produces some 115MWatts, or some 730 GigaWattHours of electrical energy.

Martin on the top.

Strict rules for entering the power plant, and rightly so.

A bush cut like an elephant.

Martin and Lai with the Mekong downstream.

Lai with Bankk and his new car.

The entrance to the power plant.

The bare stone walls next to the road.

Martin and Lai posing in front of the dam wall.

Lai and her flowers.

Lai in the storm drain.

Here you see the storm drain in its full glory.

Lai overlooking the river down stream.

The river down stream.

It looks nice.

The road to the top of the dam.

Some very special fruit called duane fruit from a tree.

The official sign of the dam.

Martin wants one too.

Bankk and Lai sharing a joke.

Bankk and Lai having fun.

Martin and Lai on the way down to the dam.  
The boats taking tourists for trips and lunches on the dam.

The seaside restaurant where the boats are moored.

Matin and Lai on the gangway to the restaurant.

Martin and Lai almost there.

Looking back towards the land side.

The restaurant.

The boats.

Walking down.

Facilities next door.

Ready to go on board the boat called "Noah's Arch" in Laotian.

Bankk and the local waitress that took care of us.

Another of the restaurant boats on the lake.

Bankk and Martin having a beer.

The neighboring boats.

Ready to board.

Lai at the waiting table.

The restaurant is more than big enough for big parites.

Finally on board.

Settling in at the dinner table. We were the only guests on board.

Nice dinner table with a lot of loud music.

The gangway.

Lai and Bankk at the table.

The dam is by Martin to be some 70-80% full. You clearly see the 4-5 meters that the water level is below full mark.

Lovely lunch on the boat.

Here the bare stones show where the high water mark once were.

Seashore houses on tilts.

Another setup with restaurants and boats as we glided past on our boat.

The noisy music equipment on board. Not to Martin's taste, but when the volume was down, it was not too bad.

Seashore view.

Another seashore view.

The main part of the dam.

The full dam. It is impressive.

View of the lake.

They are expanding the facilities. The dam produces more than enough energy for Laos and 30% is exported to Thailand.

Busy with the dinner.

It was nice and we were the only ones on baord. Monday is a quiet day for business. Mostly Laotians come here during the weekends.

You got two boxes of beer and cool-drinks plus a bucket of ice. You only paid for what you drank. Very good setup.

Martin and Lai having fun on the boat.

The dinner setup was very nice and we ordered what we wanted before departure.

A very nice setup that is recommended to everyone that arrives in Laos.

A funny structure in the middle of the dam.

Its feet are not dry any more.

Funny structure. Who decided to put this one up? Good idea.

The stairs up to the first floor was not particularly safe.

The steps up to the second floor was even more unsafe.

But the view was OK.

On the first floor was, of course, a souvenir shop.

With stacks of dried fish from the dam and rivers adjoining it.

More dried fish.

The steps to the third floor was even more rickety. Martin passed these and didn't go up.

Baskets of all kind.

Bankk bought some stuff too.

The stairs downstairs looked rather scary.

A different kind of dry fish.

The thousand islands lake you can call this dam. It should be more than 2000 island in the dam.

Our boat from the top.

Two lone chicken on the island.

Martin and Lai on their way down the stairs.

Lai is pulling her face when she realizes the price of the fish. But it was in kip, the local currency.

Martin on the first floor of the construction.

Lai with the shopping lady.

Lai is getting her fish.

An island, clearly showing the water table is far lower than full.  
Under the feet of the structure.

Martin one one of the foot of the structure.

Back in port.

It is a nice view.

The back to Bankk's new car.

Off we go.

Martin in Bankk's car.

The last view of the dam.

Back in town, our treasured view of the Victory Monument.

It is very homely.

On Tuesday Mar 28th, it was time for shooting and a casino visit.

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