Mar 28 - Shooting range & Casino DANSAVAN
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This day started with the standard, swim and breakfast and then off to the shooting range and Dansavan Casino.

Morning view of Vientiane, a sobering, calming view of a nice relaxed town. Martin likes it.

Martin's pool in the morning. It is only him using it.

It looks nice at 0615 in the morning.

Lai came too. She is not too happy with getting up since she is typical Thai, lazy.

Martin waiting for the staff to finish cleaning the pool.

Time to go to the shooting range.

Outside the hotel with Bankk's car.

Martin and Lai is having fun.

Off to the shooting range with our friendly monument in the background.

The commie flag is in place outside the entrance of the range which is owned by a Chinese commie.

Bankk, Sunan and Lai. Sunan greeted us and passed us on.

Here is the our instructors, Tui, Martin, Annar, Tuis girlfriend and Lai ready to go to the range.

Martin instructing Bankk.

Martin has done this before.

Bankk is loading his magazine with Chinese 9mm ammo.

Bankk is trying his hand at this.

The range was covered and very nice. No weather interference.

Lai is getting instructions, but in no vai.

Lai is getting the grip right, but in the end, refused to fire the gun.

She listened to the instructor, but didn't fire the gun. A chance of her life time and she blew it.

Fun enough, dry firing, but didn't follow through. Shooting is not sexy enough according to her brain.

The full view of the range.

Bankk is getting instructions.

The CZ85 Compact was the gun. Not easy to shoot.

An overview of the range.

The entrance of the range and it was some 32 of them.

Bankk and Annar.

The targets used, imported from China with Chinese text on them.

Another of the many shooting ranges.

The official symbol of the range and IPSC competition that was held here.

Lai posing with a Chinese jeep.

Martin enjoying a beer after the shoot.

Bankk and Martin relaxing. Bankk was a first class student and did exactly what Martin told him. Fine.

Planks for a new hotel complex that is going up at the range. Sounan is in charge.

Lai loves this bomb and what to take it to Nang Rong.

But it is a little too heavy to bring through the customs.

Time for Damsavan casino.

The road is new and nice to drive.

The view towards the dam and the casino complex.

The road is winding, but well built with good street lightening.

The entrance to the casino is impressive as it should be.

Lai can be seen bottom to the right in the picture.

The main reception, all to fleece you for all your money.

The buffet lunch was nothing fantastic so we dropped it.

Lai and Martin down the hill for a trip to the lake side.

In the background some weird statues.

Something from South-Asian mythology you should surmise.

But they are pretty.

Ready to go to the lake.  
Some weird stuff outside a Chinese restaurant. What it is? Chinese cryogenic coffins, Lai thought.

Well inside we started having fun. Here we are seated, Bank, Lai and Martin.

Typical Chinese dinner table with the rotating glass plate in the middle.

We got our free welcome tea.

The lake with all its islands.

They look nice in the horizon from our table.

Details of the rotating glass place.

The food took its time. But we had a few beers.

The chopsticks had their own pillows to rest on.

Still waiting for the food.

The food finally arrived, but Martin couldn't eat it. It was spiced out of this world.

The entrance of the restaurant.

Another restaurant near by.

Back on the road, we stopped at a market place.

Lai bought some coconuts and raw mango, uneatable for Westernes.

Dried fish they had plenty off. Part of the staple food.

Lai with a dead chicken for sale.

Banana is another staple food. Plenty her to sell.

Lai with her stuff and Bankk.

Behind the counter, bananas not ripe yet.

Martin's first wooden fire in Laos. The have electricity enough so this kind of cooking is seldom. Then back to the hotel.  

On Wednesay Mar 29th, it was time for a relaxing day at the hotel.

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