Thailand, Dec 8 - Feb 22, 2016
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After 10 days in Norway and 12 days on Cuba, Martin is back in Thailand.

Martin left with the bus at 0720 early in the morning of the 8th. It was drizzling, wet and depressive.

At Tønsberg, he took the train to Oslo Airport.

At the airport, time to have an early morning beer at an exorbitant price, NOK 97,- or US $ 12,-.

The expensive beer with a few cashew nuts.

At Bangkok Airport,

Welcome to Thailand is all over the place. In November, they got visitor no. 26 million, a Norwegian.

Long rolling stairs take you up to the departure entrance where Suza was waiting with his taxi.

Downtown Bangkok, a welcome view.

Farewell to Suza for now. In 2 days time, it is time to go to Jomtien.

Lai, Arree, the floor manager and Martin with Arree's little momentum from Martin.

Lai and Mr. Man in the lobby.

Mr. Man's hairdo is better and stranger from visit to vist. A real character this Mr. Man. He has another name too, which Martin always forgets.

The next day, Dec 10th, time to visit Zaw, Martin's dope peddler.

He is a nice guy with a good face book page.

Lai in the Christmas decorated lobby. It is nice without the flash.

Time for a beer and some food at Rosabieng across the street. Martin and Lai.

Tomas from Denmark and Martin at The Game bar. He lived in the same condominium as Martin.

Cheap Charlie fan in the street.

This one is taken with a flash.

This is the main entrance in Christmas decorations.

Ambassador is beautiful at night.  

Lai likes the Christmas lobby.

Dec 11th, time for breakfast before going to Jomtien. We just had our swim.

And the fishes.

Lai waiting for Suza.

Ditto Martin.

Lai with the big urn for water.

Lai's favorite big fish at Ambassador. She always takes a picture of the fish.

Suza loading the wan with Martin's stuff.

Nice Christmas tree in the middle of Bangkok.

The troll Lai got for Christmas.

Troll details. It is a female troll.

On the stop, you can have a leak for 20 bath or US $ 0,70. Next door it is free.

Arrived in Jomtien and we are off loading our stuff. Lai with Suza here.

Lai with all our stuff, including the stuff that Martin had stored.

Martin and Suza with his beers.

The beers tucked away inside the fridge.

Martin doing his tucking.

The room towards the window.

Taken from the window side.

Sunset over Jomtien Beach.

Lai with St. Claus at The Pig & Whistle.

New condo next door. They have been building these since 2012.

Lai at Pig & Whistle.

Lai with Martin's big breakfast on the 14th of December.

Two uncooperative staff at Siam's bank, Martin's branch.

The next week, Tuesday December 15th, we had been at Jomtien for a while.


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