Burma, Nov 12 - 24, 2018
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Myanmar/Burma. Participants.

Nov 12 - Leaving Norway

Nov 13 - Arrived BKK

Nov 14 - Arrived Rangoon

Nov 15 - Inle Lake

Nov 16 - Trip on Inle Lake

Nov 17 - Off to Bagan

Nov 18 - Bagan Temples

Nov 19 - Salay & Tan-Chi-Taung

Nov 20 - Pakokku

Nov 21 - Yandabo & Ava

Nov 22 - Sagaing, Amarapura & U Bein

Nov 23 - Mandalay

Nov 24 - Back to Thailand


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Departure for Thailand on November 12th.

To the left is the map showing how we are traveling from Yangon to Mandalay and back, but we are not driving, but flying. Click for a bigger map.


To the right is the way we are traveling by plane and cruise ship from Bagan to Mingun and Mandalay.

Trip to Burma, 13. Nov – 24. Nov 2018.

Inle Lake

12 Nov.

Leave Norway

13 Nov.

Arrive Bangkok

14 Nov.

Arrival to Yangon, Burma. Market visits, colonial architecture and Shwedagon/Pagoda.
We stayed at Rose Garden Hotel. Excellent Internet, 35/30 up/down speed. Nice pool, excellent room and very good service. Albatros should use this hotel for every trip to Yangon. Lacking communication between Albatros and hotel agent. Could be better. Thomas, the tour guide is very good, good natured, friendly and a very likeable fellow. Use him for the future. He makes the guest feel good and welcomed.

15 Nov.

Yangon – Inle –Sea
Inle Garden Hotel was spacious and with an apt name, Garden, which was fantastic. Big rooms, good service, but the Internet was sorely lacking. Hardly worked at the reception area. need to be improved. Hotel should be used for future Albatros trips.

16. Nov.

Boat Ride on Inle Lake to stilt houses, floating gardens, markets and temples. Martin dropped the temples. He was suffering from pagoda saturation. Cut down on the temples. Too many too digest.

17 Nov.

Inle Lake - Heho–The Baga. Boarding
Before we took off, we visited a wine yard and a winery,
Ruby winery. It as not on the original program, but a very welcomed break from pagodas and stupas. Albatros should include it in all future trips.

18 Nov.

The Baga. Time to Exploring the Temples.
Martin had enough and dropped the excursing. He suffered from temple saturation. The afternoon was a visit to a lacquering shop. Interesting and enlightening. Should be a permanent part of the trip. The sunset trip was nice and a positive experience.

19. Nov.

The Baga to Salay and Tan-Chi-Taung-Mountains
Interesting excursion before lunch with a two hour walk around the local city and Salay house. Martin dropped the afternoon. Too many pagodas.

20 Nov.

Pakokku. Tuk-Tuk -Tour, school visit, cigar factory and market visit.
A very good, and interesting day. Very informative, but Albatros should tell participant to bring old perfume and toiletry for the local ladies. Also, a gift from the group for the school should be organized. Albatros need to sharpen up on these issues. At night, we learned about longyis and had a lovely beach party. Well done. Nice film part I about Ang Van Sushi, but should be subtitled in English of the English as well.

21 Nov.

Yandabo and Ava Bridge
We visited a pottery next to our ship. Really nice and relaxing trip. Interesting it was with our local guide, Chai.

Nice film part II about Ang Van Sushi, but should be subtitled in English of the English as well.

22 Nov.

Saga, Amarapura and sunset at the U Bones Bridge
Another well organized day with a lot of interesting activities and the trip to the longest teak bridge in the world with sunset and champagne was a worthy ending of the day.

23 Nov.

Mingun and Mandalay
Nice walk around Mingun before lunch and looked at the biggest brick rubble heap in the world. Unfinished stupa.
After lunch to look at an other temple with fat, golden Buddha an another monastery make of wood. Shit boring.

24 Nov.

Returning to Bangkok via Yangon
Up early to work on the computer. But Internet didn't work for all sites, not digipost nor Altinn.

25 Nov.

Arrive Bangkok

Complete description in English.

On Tuesday November 13th, we arrived in Thailand for a one night stay at the Don Muang Amari Airport hotel.


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