Nov 9-16 Nov, more champa.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


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Dec W1

Dec  3
Off to Tuy Hoa

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Computers at Tuy Hoa

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Last day in Tuy Hoa

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More Champa

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Off to Hanoi

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Off to Tuy Hoa

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Champa again

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Another week passed by.

9529,6 KWH

313 M3
Nov 13th, we went flash-card shopping and had a nice dinner with Nghi at Mockba restaurant.

Martin seen here with the new flash-cards for ViAnh, Junes granddaughter.

Nghi really enjoys his food.

Both he and his wife had shashlik, a Russian dish. But then, the couple spent 23 years in Russia. Nghi arrived in Russia as a student in 1969.

Martin had Australian beef steak. A fantastic and reasonable meal.  

9588,8 KWH

Nov 13th, another week with usage of water and electricity.

214 M3
Nov 15th, lovely fresh king-prawns for dinner. June know how to make food.

Martin enjoying his evening meal with cucumbers and a very tasty onion sauce with Soya sauce, Martin's favorite.

June with the Nghis waiting for transport to the airport.

Martin and the 5-star sign for the condo hotel. A really nice place.


On Wednesday November 17th, it was time for more Champa Island Resort.

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