Dec 1-9, More Champa
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


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Dec  3
Off to Tuy Hoa

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Computers at Tuy Hoa

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Last day in Tuy Hoa

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More Champa

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Off to Hanoi

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Dec 22
Off to Tuy Hoa

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Champa again

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Visit to Tuy Hoa and Vianh this week.

The grapefruits of Vietnam are big.

You see the size of the peel on June's head.

Off to pick up Martin's computer at May Tinh Shop.

Martin is checking it out. Everything seems OK.

Mr. Tinh in action.

Time for a wet lunch with prawns. Lovely.

Martin's favorite, QuinIn BBQ restaurant had gotten new owner. Doubtful if Martin wants to visit.

The local river is in full flooding due to the monsoon rain.

On Thursday December 3rd, we took off for Tuy Hoa and Vianh.
On Dec 6th, we were back on Champa Island Resort.
Martin gave ViAnh a new bookshelf.

The man of the house dead as a donut in the middle for the floor.

ViAnh and Martin waiting for the taxi.

ViAnh having fun with Martin.

At Kicochi House Ph Yn, the food is always good. Son, June and Martin.

June's sister, ViAnh and Son's daughter. The latter is a lovely girl.

On Thursday December 7th, we were back at Champa Island.

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