Dec 27-31, 2021. The last 5 days of the year.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.


Oct 1-8

Oct 9-15

Oct 16-24

Oct 25-31

Nov 1-8

Nov 9-16

Nov 17-23

Nov 24-30

Dec W1

Dec  3
Off to Tuy Hoa

Dec 4
Computers at Tuy Hoa

Dec 5
Last day in Tuy Hoa

Dec 6
More Champa

Dec 10
Off to Hanoi

Dec W3

Dec 22
Off to Tuy Hoa

Dec 27-31
Champa again

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We had New Year's dinner with Ha and his family, Son and his daughter Thuy.

Lovely evening with Ha and his family seen here.

June, Martin and Ha.

Lovely shashlik. Martin wasn't hungry but got hungrier the more he ate.

Son and his daughter Thuy.

Typical building in Nha Trang these days. Empty apartment buildings.


Ha's sons, 14, 10 and 9 years old.



Martins new visa, valid till December 23rd when it has to be renewed again.



Dec 31st, New Year's Eve at Lousiane restaurant next to the sea.

Martin got hold of a new SAIGON beer, Chill. Better than the original.

The stage was 100 meters away, fortunately, because of the volume.

Martin, Boss Anna and June.

Anna is the general manager and very capable. Her design and use of the English language is impressive.

The highlight of the meal. Coconut ice-cream served in the coconut. The coconut milk was served in a separate glass. Martin liked it so much, he ordered 2 of them.

The in-house pilsner. Good, but not as good as SAIGON CHILL.

The music was good and entertaining were very good, but the decibel level was far too high.  

On Saturday January 1st, it was the beginning of a New Year.

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