Nov 19 - we rented a car with the driver.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang and Cambodia.




Leaving Nha Trang

Nov 12
Off to Hanoi

Nov 13

Nov 14
Lang Son

Nov 15
Lang Son

Nov 16
Lang Son

Nov 17
Sapa House

Nov 18
Biking in Sapa

Nov 19
Mountain top Sapa

Nov 20
Bus to Hanoi

Nov 21
Back to Nha Trang

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We went around in the neighborhood for some hours.

Another lovely breakfast next door.

One derelict house can be seen below our window.

The restaurant is empty due to lack of customers.

Martin and Phuong is ready for the day's trip.

Phuong and our driver Tien. Pleasant, but too talkative.

Arrived at our starting point.

Sunworld was the complex where everything was made.

They are making a new, big housing complex for their employees next door overlooking Sapa.

A massive mural makes you feel welcome.

The entrance to the complex.

A Buddhist temple is a must.

They were selling dried beef or biltong at the entrance. Martin bought a kilo on the return.

The entrance hall.

The stairs down to the cable car departure point.

The wheel well for the cable car.

Details of the running wheel for the pulling cable.

Foundation for the pylon keeping the cables in the air.

On top. Martin made it almost to the top. Still a cable train to take.

Sketch of the mountain complex. Very impressive. Read more about it on Wickipedia.

Some building details.

A temple top.

The black Buddha beneath.

Just below the top.

Valley view.

Cable car station.

Cable car leaving. Watch the video.

The cable train is pulled by a wire uphill. Watch the video.

Martin is getting well dressed. It was cold and a high chill factor due to strong winds.

The top, 3143 meters above sea level. Fantastic view from the top.

Motrin on the steps, well dressed.

The top is really well visited.

Phuong on the steps.

The black Buddha seen from above.



Martin on the top.

Phuong and Martin on the top.

Martin well dressed on the top.

It has a lovely view and Martin enjoyed it.

A white Buddha below.

The whole white complex.

The end of the cable car seen from the top.

Phuong waving the Vietnamese flag on top.

Another temple on the top.

Phuong going for a leak.

Black Buddha.

Black Buddha from the top.

Cable rails.

Temple top.

Martin Big Buddhist Bell.

White female Buddha.

Martin Big Bell.

Pylon details on the way down.

Pull cable detail.

Martin and Phuong in the gondola.

Lovely Vietnamese couple in the gondola as well. He took some pictures.

Martin and Phuong on the way down.

Mural of national dresses for the local people in this area.

The lunch was included in the price of 750K dongs or some 30 USD per person. Lovely meal with a massive buffet and stacks of food to choose from.

Valley view from the gondola.

Martin enjoying his meal as always. The Vietnamese food is fantastic.

The restaurant interior and it was massive.

First time Martin experiences the fact that the guests are required to clean up after themselves. Here is Phuong doing her duties.

Time for "tax-free".

It was a massive shop you had to go through to get out.

Martin bought a bottle of plum wine.

The interior of the shop.

Time for a little massage before we left.

Phuong liked this horse drive cart.

Fancy wooden constructions. Use unknown.

Then to the Heaven Gate outside Sapa.

Heaven Gate was a really interesting place.

With hotels as this one.

Martin had a quick beer.

Martin and the road sigh.

The new employee quarter is just around the corner.

Nice pathways.

Overview of the heavenly complex.

Martin loves his sign.

Nice pathways all over the show.

Here is one more.

Nice bridge.

Phuong is playing the bird in the sky.

Lovely park.

With a nice fountain.

Lovely sculputers.

Martin is having a nap after a strenuous trip.

Back to Sapa proper.

Cement factory.

Buildings in Sapa.

Off to Cat Cat village outside Sapa. Here is the map.

Martin at Cat Cat Bridge.

Martin at the bridge.

Some of the shacks in the village.

A nice waterfall.

Horizon over  Cat Cat village outside Sapa.

One of the local dwellings.


and a nice creek.

Phuong on the  Cat Cat village bridge.

A rice field.

A Cat Cat village.

Pavement in  Cat Cat village.

 Cat Cat Grandma.

 Cat Cat children with Mom.

Nice creek.

 Cat Cat settlement.

Fancy walkway.

 Cat Cat housing from above.

Martin to a ride back to the car. He is too fat, too old and was too tired to walk.


Phuong on the bridge after along walk.


Then to the evening dinner where chicken and goat were served.


English speaking cop, Phuong and Martin.

The farmer making a brew based on poppy. Martin doubts that. Lost in translation.

Making a common cheers.

The flat is upside down.

Martin and the crowd.

Martin and the poppy growing wine farmer.

Martin was enjoying himself.  

On Friday November 20th, it was time to return to Hanoi.

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