May 10 - 31, Rest of May 2021
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Leaving Nha Trang

Apr 1,
Nha Trang

Apr 14,
Trip to Can Tho

Apr 19
Nha Trang

May 1
Nha Trang

May 9-30
Nha Trang

May 31
Whale Island

Jun 8
Nha Trang

Jun 13

Jun 18 back in
Nha Trang

Jun 24
Nha Trang

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May was a depressing month with cancelled trips and little activities to to the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

Louisina Beer House is nicely located at the beach. Martin goes there from time to time.

They have plenty of local beers there, not all good though.

Martin with the sushi. The salmon was not too great.

But the beers were good.

Martin's favorite corner has gotten chicken stand.

Lot of flavoring that didn't taste much.

Martin and the chef. He knew how to make chicken.

What Martin hates. Cars blocking the pavement. Where are the cops?

The bastard should get 5 mill fine and clamped his vehicle.

On the 28th,time for a visit to Jelly Brew Bar just across the street. Just opened after a week closedown due to Chinese Wuhan virus shit.

ViAnh and Martin having fun.

She is very nice and turned 10 years old on the 28th.

Off to have some fish hotpot. The flame is impressive.

The fish is cooking. Very nice.

The yogurt man from Turkmenistan that also makes nice kebab.

Here is Turkmenistan on the map, next to the Caspian sea and Iran.

Martin, a Russian and Montana having a drink.

Jolly gang.

The kebab chef himself. Very tasty food.

"Bob" from Mockba bar and restaurant.

May 31st, Martin saying good-bye to Granddaughter and Ma

DeJa bar is progressing wit their improvements.

Most of the interiors is ripped out.  

On Monday May 31st, it was time to visit Whale Island, some 100 kms North of Nha Trang.

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