Jan 26 - Visit to Texgrill.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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Martin went for a long walk in a partly closed town. TET is not the time to visit Vietnam.
Martin found his place, TexGrill in HaiPhong.

Martin went for a walk, but the town was partly deserted.

Most shops were closed.

Bridge over the Cau Rau river.

Bridge sign.

The Navy Museum in the distance.

The river itself.

The shore opposite the Navy Museum.

The Navy Museum was closed.

Why do the Vietnamese throw rubbish everywhere?

Here, just next to the bridge. Not nice.

After 2 hours of walking, Martin got a beer.

This lady Tao was very friendly to Martin and offered him beer and private massage.

Another asshole parker that completely blocked the pavement for pedestrians.

Some shop were still selling TET-paraphernalia today.

Our hotel and the bank in the foreground.

Very skeleton staff trying to translate Martin's words.

Here are the words. Did they get it right? Not according to Google translate.

The staff failed their language test. Martin had fun.

Phuong grumpy. She was not in the mood after visiting her family.

The TexGrill was excellent. This is outside.

Hoang, an effective, well spoken in English waiter that did a very good job.


Phuong is hiding behind the menu which was very nice.

Martin's food. 4 ribs and 4 wings. Mare than enough with a nice salad.

The interior on the right side of the entrance.

The interior just in front of the entrance.

After a very nice meal, Martin discovered this nice, closed pub with his name on it.

Where are the traffic cops of Vietnam? The parking on the pavement is horrendous and forces pedestrians to walk into the street. Not good. The traffic cops? Sitting on their asses doing nothing except getting a pay?  

On Monday January 27th, it was time to leave for Hanoi again.

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