Jan 23 - disembarking and off to  Haiphong.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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After disembarking, we were picked up by a taxi from the Viet 4 Seasons Hotel in Haiphong.

On the boat, they had reusable glass bottles and you picked up water from dispensers around the ship. No plastic used. Very good.

Dong, helping Martin with his suitcases.

Martin and Phuong at the rails just after we docked in Halong harbour.

Nice couple.

Phuong and the cab driver that took us to the hotel, The Viet 4 Seasons Hotel in Haiphong.

Fish farms along the route.

Fancy bridge.

More fish farms. Big industry in Vietnam.

A nice toll boot.

Before crossing a fancy bridge. Watch the video. Very short.

On route to Haiphong.

Harbor view.

More harbors.

And even more.

The Viet 4 Seasons Hotel in Haiphong. We stayed here for 4 nights.

The bed was more than big enough and very nice. Phuong also thought that.

The pool  at the hotel is some 12,5 meters long.

The lobby bar with the waiters there. Nice blokes chatting to Phuong.

The main railway station in Haiphong.

Pipes for rent at the streets.

In Vietnam, pavements are used for bike parking.

This asshole blocked the complete pavement  or sidewalk, so people had to go out into the street to pass this car belonging to an inconsiderate shit.

Rubbish collectors do a good job, but they are underpaid and overworked.

Food for jallas, the muslims favorite pigs the get served live so they can torture them to death. Common sight in Vietnam.

Phuong in the middle of town.

Martin having a break from all walking.

Crabs are popular in Haiphong being a costal city.

Bean roots for sale.

Pineapple roots. Small plant to make big pineapple bushes.

The flower market are full of nice flowers during TET.

Typical street in Haiphong, worn.

Lovely Mom with daughter dressed up in their best TET-clothes.

Buffet only, not worth it since Phuong cannot eat the food.

TONKIN Cafe and Restaurant. A stupid place with only exorbitant foreign beers, no Vietnamese beers and no food! What a shithole restaurant. Never visit it.

Haidang Plaza is big shopping center with one restaurant.

The entrance was impressive.

Half of the items on the menu was not in stock. They had no bread! Can you imagine that! Big, nicely decorated but only one guest bar us. The salmon was excellent. A place not recommended. And only Saigon local beer. No Hanoi nor Halong beer. Bad :-(

Phuong could only eat rice. No vegetarian dishes.

Fancy decorations.

The nicest thing about this place was this man outside.


On Friday January 24th, it was our second day in Haiphong.

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