Jomtien Mar 20 - 25, 2017
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

March 11-21

March 22-25

Vientiane March 26 - April 2 

    Vientiane Mar 26   

    Vientiane Mar 27   

    Vientiane Mar 28   

    Vientiane Mar 29   

    Vientiane Mar 30   

    Vientiane Mar 31   

    Vientiane Apr  1   

    Vientiane Apr  2   

Nang Rong Apr 3-11

Nang Rong Apr 11-20

Apr 20-28

Apr 23 - Shooting

May 1- 7

May 8-11

Nang Rong 11-18

Nang Rong 19-27

Bangkok 28-31

June 1st, Norway

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The week started with Martin's birthday and ended the day before going to Vientiane, Laos.

Panoramic view towards the South from S2's rooftop.

Panoramic view towards the North West.

Panoramic view towards the North East.



Lai and Martin enjoying a nice birthday breakfast at Timbos downstairs in S2.

Lai on the rooftop of S3 with a new block of flats towards the North East.

Martin on the top.



Martin towards the same block towards the North East.

Hvidsten's fiasko project from 2007, The Beach. You can watch a video here, showing the area as it is today, 7 years later.  

March 20th, Martin's 73rd birthday.

Martin's birthday was held at Thai Aroi Dee next to the Immigration office at Soi 5. Click for bigger picture.

Lai at the veranda before departing. She has a lovely hair.

Martin with his Norwegian beers before leaving. Frydenlund's Golden Beer.

Keld, Martin's friend.

On route to Thai Aroi Dee (TAD), restaurant that cater for Scandinavian clientel.

Another establishment for Norwegians.

Martin got the itch when arriving to TAD.

Lovely Lai with her happy grin.

The table. We were 7 persons at the table.

Keld, Martin and Aage.

Martin with Pap, a long time friend.

Happy Martin.

Instead of a cake, Martin got a fruit bowl with a candle.

Martin and the hostess, Mrs. Tasoia.

The table.

A lot of shops on the way back to the condo.

Rolf Tore with his Thai wife and child at Family Mart where she worked. Shy lady.

Martin and Lai on the way back home.

Lai with the rosary that was given to Martin.

Lai likes cars.

Here it was 3 rental ones, all the same.

Lovely ladies, Pap and Lai.

Cars they love.

Lai is fruit shopping.

Lai outside Jomtien Beach Condominiums' office.

The sign for the place is quite impressive.

Street kitchen where we had breakfast.

A simple, tasty breakfast for 5 US bucks. Not bad.

The corrugated iron hut next door impressed Martin with it simplistic style.

Martin had a beer or three for his breakfast. Tasty.  
Lai med her goodie back ready for Laos.

Martin, Lai, Keld and his wife outside the buffet restaurant.

Close-up of the foursome.

Inside the restaurant it was a lot to choose from.

Keld and the cooking grid.

Keld with the the fire place.

Sauces ready to be eaten by the customers.

Various kind of fruits.

The main selection of food.

The bread section.

All four of us.

Another variety of foods.

Keld and his beer.

Keld with his Tklen.

Martin and the folks.

Kend and his wife Tklen.

On Sunday March 26th, it was time to go to Vientiane, Laos.

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