Apr 23 - Shooting range & Sanctuary of Truth
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A nice Sunday with Kek as our driver at the shooting range and at Sanctuary of Truth.

Panoramic view from Room 34 towards the sea.

Just outside the shooting range, there is a big pond.

It is used by locals for fishing.

It is not much, but for Pattaya folks, it is good enough.

The lake is just below a mountain.

The entrance to the range.

Singha beer is great among the shooting fraternity.

One typical stage.

The problem here is the sun. Therefore the roofs.

One simple stage.

They have very illustrative range details as number of shots, targets, poppers and plates.

A swing for moving targets. Martin hasn't seen this contraption before. Thai invention.

One of the ranges Singha beer and THPSC.

Martin and Lai in front of the main sign.

Martin and Lai look good in their yellow shirts from Laos.

The bus for the shottists. See the video.

The THPSC-logo on the gate.

New highway past Pattaya in the making.

The idea behind The Sanctuary of Truth.

Bikes for hire at The Sanctuary of Truth.
The main wooden structure.

It looks good.

Lai and Martin in front of the Buddhist Temple made of wood.

A tree with yellow leaves looks very good.

Lai and our driver Kek.

Martin and Kek at the dinner table.

Lai with Martin's favorite beer, San Miguel.

The Temple.

Martin had an excellent lunch here at the restaurant overlooking The Temple.

Kek looking at ladies on his cell phone.

Lai, Kek and our lunch.

The wooden sculptures towards the sky.

Lai and Martin under the beautiful, yellow leaved tree in the garden next to the restaurant.  


On Monday May 1se, it was time for

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