Daily activities April, 2007

Tourist pictures from Goa

  1. Friday
    In Goa

  2. Saturday
    City Tour

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  4. Monday

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  7. Thursday
    Jungle D1

  8. Friday
    Jungle D2

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    Old Goa

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    Last day

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    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

This Monday, Martin spent most of his time next to the pool and fiddled with his cell, taking some low quality photos.

To the left, Martin is still learning how to use his cell to take photos. He is getting there.

To the right, Martin managed to take a self portrait using his cell.

The barbeque announcement for the evening across the pool.

Kristin loves the water and spend hours in it. They have a lovely kiddies pool that is shallow and safe for Kristin to use.

Martin's lovely tiger prawns for lunch. Not cheap according to Goa standards. Some 10 US dollars.


Grandma fast asleep in the sun. She loves it, Kristin giggling at her side while Martin taking his photos with his cell.

Martin tried to wake her by tickling her toe with a tooth pick. No dice. Grandma kept on sleeping.

In the evening, it was time for a buffet dinner. First a drink from Mr. Socorro, head bar man seen here.

Kristin and Grandma ready for dinner. Both dressed to kill.

The brightly lit house seen here reflected in the pool. Cute.

The buffet itself.

This is the beautiful fruit stand at the buffet.

After the dinner, Martin and Rita went across the street for a nightcap. Seen here is the knowledgeable barman, Ben having a chat to his cousin. He really loved chatting.  

The next day, Tuesday April 17th, Martin visited his favorite Internet café and went for a trip to Old Goa.

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