Daily activities April, 2007

Tourist pictures from Goa

  1. Friday
    In Goa

  2. Saturday
    City Tour

  3. Sunday

  4. Monday

  5. Tuesday

  6. Wednesday

  7. Thursday
    Jungle D1

  8. Friday
    Jungle D2

  9. Saturday

  10. Sunday

  11. Monday

  12. Tuesday
    Old Goa

  13. Wednesday

  14. Thursday
    Last day

  15. Friday

  16. Saturday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Martin always brings his trusty Asus portable with him, and one of the first tasks to be performed, is to find a suitable Internet café where to set up shop.

To the left, Martin's valet Sanrey posing for the camera.

To the right, on the road to the Internet café, Martin met Kristin and Gunnar, drinking buddies from the airplane.

The lively street life of Goa. Scooters are popular and a practical means of transportation. 

The first Internet café that Martin found with fixed Internet addresses in the 192.168.1/0 range. But there was no connection to the Internet, so what's the purpose?

Norman most probably one of the hippies from the 60-ties coming back to his hippy roots.

And his buddy with his newly cropped hairstyle is too retracing his steps from the 60-ties. They are all living here part of the year when the heat is not too searing.

Tattoos are very popular among these x hippies. His whole back is covered.

At last a computer with so-called high-speed Internet connection. Only 256 kbits shared among up to 12 computers. Not much high-speed there. But plenty of viruses. Martin used his memory stick to same some Word document, and when it was put in his trusty Asus at the hotel, Norman anti virus program went bananas, screaming out of viruses in all the files on the memory stick. All files where promptly erased.

One of the picturesque buildings along the road to the Internet café and the Nizmar hotel. From the old Portuguese colonial times. Cute and nice.

On the same café that Martin met Kristin and Gunnar, Martin had a Indian dish. Pork in hot garlic sauce.

After a lot of discussion with the waiter, Kiran below, Martin got what was not so hot and eatable for Europeans.

But even so, there were a lot of sweat, snot and tears (freely from Winston Churchill) as can be seen here, Martin blowing his nose, half way through the dish.

Kiran, from the North-Western provinces of India. They have traits that reminds you of Chinese/Tibetan people.  

The next day, April 9th, Martin got up early, slept in and doodled with his computer and wrote some postcards. If you are lucky, it takes 10 days to Europe.

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