Daily activities April, 2007

Tourist pictures from Goa

  1. Friday
    In Goa

  2. Saturday
    City Tour

  3. Sunday

  4. Monday

  5. Tuesday

  6. Wednesday

  7. Thursday
    Jungle D1

  8. Friday
    Jungle D2

  9. Saturday

  10. Sunday

  11. Monday

  12. Tuesday
    Old Goa

  13. Wednesday

  14. Thursday
    Last day

  15. Friday

  16. Saturday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.


To the left, a fan taken without a flash and you don't see the blades. The fans make the heat bearable, and added with some air condition, it's not to bad.

To the right, same fan with a flash and the blades are frozen. Strange, or is it?

The pool area before the tanning beds come out.

The serving area for breakfast.

The cooks on breakfast duty.

Seen from the food side of things. Before tanning starts.

Time for some fat frying after the chairs are out.

What was empty space is now sun bathing area.

Grandma Ragnhild and her granddaughter Kristin. A lovely couple due to take a trip on an elephant in a couple of days time.

Having an early Bloody Mary on the balcony after the tanning. Bloody hot everything is. Not only the Mary.

The next day, April 11th, Martin, Granny Ragnhild and grandchild Kristin took a trip to the beach.

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