Goa, India - Apr 6 to 20th, 2007

Daily activities April, 2007

Tourist pictures from Goa

  1. Friday
    In Goa

  2. Saturday
    City Tour

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  7. Thursday
    Jungle D1

  8. Friday
    Jungle D2

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    Old Goa

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    Last day

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    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Martin T. (to the right) had pleasant and fascination trip to Goa in the period above. Martin with his touring hat on.

India has some 1200 mill people and have an area of 3,3 mill km2. Goa on the other hand has 1,4 mill inhabitants and the area is 3000 km2. Goa is the richest of the Indian provinces.

Above, you have a map that show where Goa is situated in India.
The weather at Goa from BBC.

Goa is situated on the West Coast of India. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony from 1510 till 1962 when the Indian Army invaded and annexed Goa.

The former Portuguese colony of Goa is one of the most relaxed places in India. In the seventies when all of India was full with European and American hippies, Goa was really packed with them. Now most of the hippies have left, but new travelers keep pouring in. More  textual stuff on Goa and you can have a look at this slideshow from the net.

The pictures below and on the following pages,  are all thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. And depending on your browser, it may be a little smaller to fit your screen size.



To the left, the Nizmar Resort Goa where Martin stayed for two weeks. Nizmar details ... It is situated some 700 meters from the beach and in the middle of town.

To the right, you have a detailed map of the province Goa. Martin stayed at Candolim.

Her you have a city map where  hotel Nizmar is marked as no 5.

And a more detailed map of Goa with the main places and roads. This is taken from www.gogoa.com.

The weather on Apr 5 is beautiful and Martin takes the opportunity to air his bed mattresses.

Everything ready to go. Just to stick it into the rucksack, Martin's favorite packing gear.

The bed needs cleaning to.

Airing the duvet and pillows helps. Martin wants to come home to a clean hose this time after his dubious trip to Goa.

First stop is the bus stop on the the road to the railway station.

The second stop is the railway station itself for a train to Oslo. Cheap US $ 20.- for a two hour ride.

Leaving Tønsberg, the sun is just setting. Nice in Norway this time of the year and a little late to go visiting other countries. Norway is so beautiful when the sun shines.

Friendly Iraqis on the train. The father Isam Ali to the left and his son, Husein.

Having some Swedish beers on the train to Oslo Airport, Gardemoen.

People are in holiday moods and consequently friendly. This is Odd Albert and his lovely wife from Thailand, Ngyêt. They are staying in the Magnum hotel.

Ngyêt is a friendly lady, feed Odd with some sardine sandwichtes.

Odd and Kristina Wisløff on her way to Goa. Only paid for one night hotel. Planning to backpack and pick up an hotel while there.

Daddy Kamran with his two lovely daughters on to Goa.

Time to embark on the Novair plane, Novair being a part of the Apollo group owned by a Finnish based company called Kuoni.

The next day, April 6th, we arrived in Goa.

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