Mar 22 - City tour with Vietnamese.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Mar 17 - Arriving Da Nang

Mar 18 - First full day

Mar 19 - Sightseeing with dinner

Mar 20 - Martin 75 years old

Mar 21 - Another lazy day

Mar 22 - City tour

Mar 23 - Another lazy day

Mar 24 - Last lazy day. Soi 79

Mar 25 - Off to Nha Trang

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No swimming today, only a city tour.

Not a city tour without a temple.

Nice plastic flowers inside. Easy to maintain.

Martin's favorite Buddha. In black this time.

The stairs down to the big female Buddha, 57 meters tall.

An angry fellow. Also a Buddha?

Reddish Buddha. The come in all shapes and colors.

The big, white female Buddha overlooking Da Nang.

Ornaments inside the temple.

Full frontal of the female Buddha.

Collection spots inside the temple.

Old Buddhist symbols that look like the Nazi swastikas. Watch the video.

Overlooking a hazed Da Nang.

Martin having a rest.

Very nice low hanging trees.

Martin among stony Buddhas.

Some shadowing trees on the premises.

Our bus.

City view.

The reclining female Buddha. Watch the video.

Martin in the bus.

The whole group together.
From the left: Tan, Martin, Minh, Van, Bay, Binh and Thu.

Ladies only: Van, Binh and Thu.

The boys only: Martin, Tan, Van and Minh.

At the museum, some colonial past.

Vietnam has submarines as well.

Leaving the museum, the whole crowd.

Map and disputed islands with the Chinese.

Leaving the museum.

Vietnam style food wrapper. Very tasty.

The dinner setup included also a soup after this dish. Lovely.

Martin with Mihn and Van.

Farewell to tour guide Minh.

The ladies, Bay, Binh and Thu could talk. Listen to them.

On Friday March 23rd, it was time for another relaxing day in Da Nang.

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