Mar 18 - first swim in Da Nang
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Mar 17 - Arriving Da Nang

Mar 18 - First full day

Mar 19 - Sightseeing with dinner

Mar 20 - Martin 75 years old

Mar 21 - Another lazy day

Mar 22 - City tour

Mar 23 - Another lazy day

Mar 24 - Last lazy day. Soi 79

Mar 25 - Off to Nha Trang

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Martin had his breakfast, went swimming and tried to get his watch fixed.

Lam, the local driver.

Lam has a temperament, but he controls it.

Martin outside the Paracel swimming pool.

The pool was nice and clean and some 20 meters long.

The showers were no good. Of the 3 shower boots, only 1 had a loose shower head.

After the swim, Martin had a beer with this jolly fella and his grandma.

The shop where Martin handed in his watch for a fix.

The watchmaker tried hard, but didn't succeed so Martin left the watch with him to pick it up the next day.

On Tuesday March 19th, it was time for some more.

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