Feb 14 - another sightseeing of Mui Ne.
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Feb 12
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 13
Mui Ne

Feb 14
Mui Ne

Feb 15
Off to Vung Tau

Feb 16
Vung Tau

Feb 17
Vung Tau

Feb 18
Off to Biean Hoa

Feb 19
Biean Hoa

Feb 20
Back to Nha Trang

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Nice swim, nice breakfast and sightseeing Mui Ne.

Our planned trip in Mui Ne the last day.

The pool look always nice in the morning, before and after the swim.

Another interesting temple complex.

Here is the entrance.

Stupas or pagodas are solid construction with a small room for prayer.

Here, Phuong is inside one.

Int the entrance.

Phuong and ViAnh.

The road down.

Phuong at the footsteps.

It is all explained in English about this 1000 years old site.

The layout of the site.

Another stupa.

A grumpy ViAnh. She tried to to cry herself to something. Didn't work.

She is in a better mood.

ViAnh joined Martin for a cool-drink.

A road that just ends. Strange.

Lovely bushes.

Time to visit a Dragon Fruit field.

Dragon fruit is Martin's favorite fruit in Vietnam.

Since the climate is such in Vietnam, you can harvest 3 times a year. Here is a dragon-fruit flower.

Phuong found one.

Fruit just started to grow.

Here are some small ones and Phuong.

A house for production of swallow nests, exported to China.

Duc Thanh School were Ho Chi Minh was teaching during 2010 & 2011. He was born May 19, 1890.

Phuong outside.

Picture of Uncle Ho.

Uncle Ho in military uniform. Founded in 1941.

They tried to make Uncle Ho a form of God to be worshipped as Buddha, and he is.

During this TET, 2021, they had an exhibition of photos. This is one of them.

Ho studing.

The classroom from the inside.

The oldest picture of Uncle Ho as teacher.

Phuong outside.

The statue of Uncle Ho outside his old school.

A class of students also visiting the site.

One of the leaders showing fingers, whatever it means.

The gang from Martin. Their names are:

Back row from the left:
Front row from the left:

Lovely flowers.

The memorial of Ho Chi Minh's school from 1910.


Thuy Tu Temple for the fishermen of Vietnam.

A whale skeleton.

A not so nice Buddha and Martin.

Visit to a nice fishing restaurant with video.

ViAnh like tube mussles.

Lots of seafood.

ViAnh is enjoying her tube mussles.

ViAnh and her grandma Phuong.

Martin and ViAnh next to the sea.

Nice beach view.

The beach is reinforced with concrete slabs.

Long, nice beach. Only locals.

Martin with the sole dragon fruit we found in the fields.

Harbor view with video.

Our neighbors had a barbeque just outside our room at the hotel.

On Saturday February 15th, it was time for another going to Vung Tau.

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