Feb 13 - St Mui Ne and nice pool.
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Feb 12
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 13
Mui Ne

Feb 14
Mui Ne

Feb 15
Off to Vung Tau

Feb 16
Vung Tau

Feb 17
Vung Tau

Feb 18
Off to Biean Hoa

Feb 19
Biean Hoa

Feb 20
Back to Nha Trang

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First day at Suoi TIen Hills Hotel

Click for bigger picture.

Phuong in her TET dress.

ViAnh loves the water with Martin.


ViAnh  and Martin. Watch the video.

ViAnh and Martin enjoying the pool.

Nice couple.

The washing line outside our room.

Planned daytrip in Mui Ne.

Lovely walkway to the reception area.

Really imaginative stone wall.

Pearly gates to the resort.

Time for temple visit.

Phuong and ViAnh praying.

Fancy Buddha.

Phuong and ViAnh.

Many armed Buddha.

ViAnh lighting incense to burn for Buddha.

The Swastika is an old Buddhist symbol more than 2000 years old.

Lovely yellow flowers used during TET.

Dead ones honored.

Fantastic tree of live candles.

Martin waiting outside. He is getting old and fat.

ViAnh among plenty Buddhas.

Martin with his fancy Buddha.

ViAnh posing.

Martin with his female Buddha.

Phuong and Martin on the exit.

Phuong among fancy Buddhas.

ViAnh on the stairs.

ViAnh and the fancy Buddha.

ViAnh with her baby Buddha.

Time for a beer stop.

Where we met this grumpy old man.

But Martin enjoyed his road-side beer.

They cleaned a little space for us on a platform. Nice.

Our driver with the car in the background.

Our trips for the 14th.

Off to the wine castle. A real American experience.

Most of the wine is from California, but the grow their own as well.

The layout of the castle.

ViAnh and Martin with the guardian outside.

Martin and ViAnh relaxing at the pong.

Phuong and the guard.

Massive bottle tower.

ViAnh on a golden coach.

Phuong and ViAnh at the end of the coach.

Entrance to the wine cellars.

Massive Californian wine.

Row after row.

Modern wine making.

Well for cooling wine.

Main table.

ViAnh and Martin at the table.

Main table with ViAnh and Phuong.

Martin and ViAnh with wine crushing lady.

Expensive wine. Martin doesn't even like wine.

ViAnh and wine-crushing lady.


Nice artificial fireplace.

Main dining table.

At the exit, expensive stuff.

And lots of it.

Phuong at the play garden.

ViAnh in the tree trunk.

ViAnh at the play ground.

Martin is having a rest.

Land for sale, but no takers.

Lovely golf course, but no players.

ViAnh in the swing with her grandma. Watch the video..


ViAnh and Phuong at the waterfalls.

Phuong at the golf course.

The ticket office for the castle trip is aptly in a wine barrel.

Off to The Swiss House.

Lupper, we went to the Swiss house.

ViAnh and Phuong with Charlie Chaplin in the background.

The tables are set for guests.

Raclette, Swiss cheese is on the menu.

Grumpy ladies.

Lovely cold cut meat as main dish.

Martin is always enjoying himself.  

On Sunday February 14th, it was time for more Mui Ne.

We take one of these trips.

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