Aug 27 - Sightseeing in LopBuri, Thailand
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012

  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
    In Bangkok
  3. Friday
    Loafing around
  4. Saturday
    Pim arrived
  5. Sunday
    Visiting Jiratip
  6. Monday
    More Ambassador
  7. Tuesday
    Pork knuckle
  8. Wednesday
    Toom no show
  9. Thursday
    More of the same
  10. Friday
    Writing Postcards
  11. Saturday
    Pin came
  12. Sunday
    Off to Lopburi
  13. Monday
    Lopburi Inn Resort
  14. Thuesday
    Back to Bangkok
  15. Wednesday
    Lunch with Pin
  16. Thursday
    Enjoying Bangkok
  17. Friday
    Not ready yet!

September 2012

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Martin visited Lopburi famous Monkey Temple.

Having breakfast at the hotel. Boo hate the Army food and really dug in.

Boo is helping herself to breakfast. Many times.

Very nice restaurant, but too cool for Martin. He like the warmth of Thailand, not air-cooled Norway.

The pool that Martin spent swimming in. 2000 meters before breakfast.

Monster monkey on the premises.

A local tuc-tuc, but it was not available for Boo and Martin.

Big fat monkey outside the Monkey Temple. Much more pictures here.

One old, bushy monkey coming up.

The monkeys don't like the heat. The spend the time on the shady side of the temple.

The monkey on top of the guard's hut.

Boo talking, and she does a lot. In the Army where she is a lieutenant and platoon commander, she commands a lot.

The friendly watchman at the monkey temple.

The tricycle was a bit too small for Martin. Not made for fat European.

The tricycle biker. He is taking his business serious.

Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Lopburi is another impressive ruin of another temple.

Boo walking up to it.

Nice walk way among the trees.

Boo found a flower on the ground. The flowers fell down from the trees.

Boo and Martin. Boo has been 13 years in the Army. She thinks like a man, behave like a man and think she is a man. Sad.



She likes the flower in her hair, and she looks cute.

Martin and Boo. It lasted for hardly 24 hours. Then Boo asked Martin to shut up and get lost. She was treating him as one of the private in her platoon.


Boo at the brick wall ruins.

More ruins.

It looks nice in the distance.

Boo in the archway of many of the walls. She likes to be in control.

The ambassador's building to the king some 700 years ago.

Boo likes to pose among the temple ruins.

Time to another place. We passed this fancy bus on the road.

Another impressive structure at the Royal Palace. It was closed on Mondays.

The streets of Lopburi are full of scooters, the most popular means of communications.

Fruit market with big bunches of white bamboo for food.

Boo and Martin had a coconut for lunch. Very tasty.

Boo at the Tuc-Tuc. She tries hard.

Happy taxi driver in the streets of Lopburi.

Water outside the shops is meant to give good sales.

The salted fish was not particular tempting.

Martin's favorite, the white carrots of Thailand. Very nice in a soup.

Martin relaxing while waiting for the bus.

The bus was very comfortable with air-con. A nice ride back to the hotel.

Funny monkeys all over the place.

While waiting for Boo, which was 2 hours late, Martin had a chat with this lovely white haired lady. A Thai lady that had lived in the USA for many years and spoke very good English. Her name is Samaisiri and is 82 years young. Lovely lady.

Her niece is a receptionist at the LopBuri Inn Resort. Lovely lady.

The next day, Tuesday  August 28th, it was time for Martin to check out of the hotel and go back to Bangkok. Martin had enough of army lieutenants. They think they are in command in bed too, then they are being useless as a bed partner.

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